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Tees2UrDoor makes 100% cotton ring-spun tees but we couldn’t help ourselves and created this collection of bows so you can accessorize your outfits. Bows are like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. They provide a delightful finishing touch. Top off your outfits with our beautiful collection of bows. You will be sure to impress anyone who goes your way!

Special Occasion Bows

Spider Web Bow

October is around the corner and that means that Halloween celebrations will commence. Wear this spider web bow along with your witch costume, to go trick or treating. You can also wear it every day in October in the spirit of Halloween. This spider web bow would go great with our Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Face T-Shirt. The colors are extremely compatible and appropriate for the occasion.

Glitter Santa Christmas Bow

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Deck the halls with bows of holly with this beautiful and sparkly bow. Wear this bow to go Christmas caroling or to family dinners to add an extra flair to your hair. This glittery oversized bow will turn any outfit into a special and elegant outfit. You will shine bright just like the ornamental star above the Christmas tree.

Birthday Girl Glitter Bow

With this hair bow, it's no question you are the Birthday Girl! Wear this glitter bow on your birthday so people remember that it's your day! Wear it to school or to your own birthday party to add a touch of festive energy to your whole outfit. Plus, you will look super cute in pictures with your birthday girl glitter bow!

Cheerleader Bows

Solid Varsity Cheer Bow

This bow puts the “cheer” in “cheerleader”. If you are a cheerleader and would like to get people in the crowd riled up in order to motivate the team on the field this bow will give you all the power to do so eloquently.

Have a uniform? That’s no problem! Our bows come in a variety of colors to match your cheerleader outfit. The Maroon bow is one of our favorites but it's up to you to choose! Each bow comes with two white stripes that point like arrows at the end of each ribbon.

Two Color Varsity Cheer Bow

This cheer bow has a different color on each ribbon making it twice as cheerful and twice the fun! Wear this varsity cheer bow to game day whether you’re playing in the game or just watching! Either way, you’ll be looking like an all-star with this cheer bow.

If you are a cheerleader, with this bow you will bring on the cheer even from people sitting in the rear! If you look your best, the team will bring their A-game for sure.

Spirit Bow

This bow raises school spirit and it is the most versatile bow in our collection. You can wear it to go to a game, a party, a dance recital, basically anywhere. The only limit is your imagination. This bow comes in every color so if you can match it with your team’s jersey!

Tie The Knot With Tees2UrDoor

Tees2UrDoor is honored to be part of your wardrobe and now part of your accessories too! We love making top-quality merch for top quality clients!

Contact us on our online platform if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello! We are about outfitting you so if you’ve got something to say please do.

  • Solid Varsity Cheer Bow

    Solid Varsity Cheer Bow

    $3.00 $6.95
    These spirit bows are the perfect accessory for your cheerleader. 11 color options abailable Overall bow size is 6" x 6.5" Each bow displays white trim on the tails Features a no crease metal free hair tie Keep your cheerleader cute and...
  • Two Color Varsity Cheer Bow

    Two Color Varsity Cheer Bow

    $4.00 $7.95
    These spirit bows are the perfect accessory for your cheerleader. 8 different color combinations available Overall bow size is 6" x 6.5" Each bow displays white trim on the tails Features a no crease metal free hair tie Keep your cheerleader...
  • Glitter Santa Christmas Bow Product Image

    Glitter Santa Christmas Bow

    $5.00 $11.95
    This bow is the perfect accessory for your little one this holiday season Red, white and black with glitter finish Bow measures 7" long with 3" ribbon Standard alligator clip This Christmas bow is perfect for pictures with Santa! This bow is...
  • Spirit Bow

    Spirit Bow

    $3.00 $11.95
    Make sure that your girl is stylish from top to bottom with this spirit bow. This accessory comes in a variety of colors. Dimensions 7.5"H x 6.0"W. Baseball teams, softball teams, basketball team, soccer team, swimming team, football team, track...