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Mongrammed Pillows

At Tees2urdoor, we want to provide outfits and gifts with personality. You want to share your individuality with the world, and the joy of being you. And why not? You are a wonderful person, and you deserve the world knowing who you are. Sharing pillows with your initials is one way to share identity and comfort merged into one.

Monogrammed pillows make great personalized gifts. If you want to get a headstart on holiday shopping, avoiding the rush at the mall as well as online, then check out our options. Our clearance sale will ensure you get a good price on customization.

Pillows Online

Many types of pillows exist. The simplest ones are for sleeping, to let you lie back in bed after the day is done. Others assist with lumbar and back pain, with big body pillows serving to keep you in bed with your eyes closed. Yet more serve for ornamental aesthetic purposes, to adorn a couch. Throw pillows can help furniture reach a unified theme in a room.

Everyone needs sleep. Unless we are hummingbirds -- and hummingbirds can’t use their beaks or claws to tap onto keyboards -- we all need an average of eight hours of rest per night to function the next day, or vice-versa if we work the night shift. A good pillow can help us attain that shut-eye.

A comfortable and aesthetically pleasing pillow can help us rest more easily at night. When you give a pillow as a gift, especially a customized one, you are telling the receiver that you care about their well-being. The people you love who work constantly, as parents or professionals in the office, will get the message and appreciate the gesture. When you improve someone’s sleep, they wake up happier and readier to take on the day.

Decorative throw pillows with a personal touch show a great level of care for the receiver. You want to give the person you like or love an aura of comfort and boost their space’s aesthetic; if you wish, some throw pillows are also good for a quick catnap. A decorative pillow creates that aura, and the person who receives it can remove the cushion cover for easy cleaning. At Tees2urdoor, we have just the right throw pillows for you, with apt monogramming.

Monogrammed Burlap Pillows

Burlap pillows refine a vintage look to capture the nostalgia from a time we can never relive. Modern versions soften the fabric so they can be comfortable and decorative at the same time.

We usually associate burlap with autumn, because people use the material to make scarecrows. They certainly have the fall spirit when paired with straw and embroidered smiles. Even so, the fabric can match any season decor, and we have you covered for the winter.

The Snowflake Monogram Pillow and the Snowman Monogram Pillow can warm up the coldest days or hearts. One initial can mark your love for the receiver and their individuality. In addition, it makes for simple holiday decorating; just fluff up and mount on a couch or chair.

Don’t Sleep on The Personalized Pillow

Tees2urdoor wants to help you find the right gift for the upcoming holidays, that is both sensible and designed well. Contact us today to find that gift.

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