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Monogrammed Towels

Tees2urdoor believes in providing meaningful items, as gifts and as useful items. For this reason, we have the best towels, especially for the beach, and they come monogrammed and personalized. Our towels are currently for sale, so take advantage of the latest clearance!

Plush Towel Gifts

Have your friends just moved into the neighborhood? Are they getting married? Having a baby? You need a special gift for them and their families. What’s more, they’ll appreciate a personal touch. You’ve known them for a long time and want to make sure that they’ll use your gift. A monogrammed towel is perfect for these occasions.

Towels have many purposes. We mainly use them to dry our hands and bodies after we wash. Or on the beach, we use them to mark our spot, leave our things, or lie down to sunbathe. You can even use them for the gym, after running on the treadmill or posing in yoga class. We love our towels, so much that they get worn out over time. It can be hard to replace something we cherish, which is why when someone gifts us a towel that we treasure it.

What’s more, your gift presentation of monogrammed towels can be very creative. You can show off that you have put a to-be-wedded couple’s names and initials. Or, at a shower, you can arrange multiple towels into a cake or into a gift basket, using some creative folding.

When we give a towel to someone, say your grown child heading off to college or a mom at a baby shower, we give them a useful gift. Moms will always find themselves and their children dirty, while college students often work paycheck to paycheck between classes if they have a job. They can use a towel to wipe water from their hands and feet after a shower. A monogram allows them to find their towel on laundry day, and keep it from getting lost along with socks in the dryer. Goodness knows it’s hard enough to find socks to put on a child or adult’s feet.

Our Round Baseball Beach Towel is perfect for a day at the ocean or on the baseball diamond. It combines a sporty theme with a fringed border and dries fast, even after being soaked. You can add a name, player number, and initials, so that it will never get lost. We suggest that if you’re not a beach person, then you could also use this as a picnic blanket or for your next yoga class. If you want to take them out to the ball game, they can help show your team spirit. With so many uses and versatility, this gift will be quite a home run.

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Tees2urdoor has red-letter towels that also come in other colors. We only make the best and want to give you luxury for the bath, the beach, or the baseball field.

Want to learn more about our towels? Contact our experts; we are very happy to help and receive your feedback.

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