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100th Day of School Shirt Ideas 2022

100th Day of School Shirt Ideas 2022

Jan 13th 2022

The 100th day of school is a tradition marked by 100-themed celebrations and activities on all levels. It usually falls in the middle of February for most schools and is right around Valentine’s Day.

One of the best ways to celebrate is by decorating your favorite shirt with 100 of…something. It can be anything, such as pom-poms, safety pins, sticky dots, hole-punched holes, hearts, or anything else you can think of.

The most important thing is to remember to have fun with it. Fortunately, at Tees2UrDoor, we have five great ideas to help you get started.

9 Shirt Ideas for 100th Day of School in 2022

These shirts are perfect for adorning with your favorite 100th-day decorations, and they’re perfect to wear as they come. This versatility empowers you to find the perfect way to express yourself this year.

1. 100 Days Sharper Teacher T-Shirt

100 Days Sharper Teacher T-Shirt

This cute and vibrant tee is an excellent way to loudly and proudly flaunt your sense of humor and love of teaching. A bright, kiwi-colored t-shirt provides a fun foundation for this adorable design. Three little cacti form both the ‘100’ in the text, as well as the underlying pun, and are sure to be a hit amongst the school staff.

2. 100 Super Days Teacher T-Shirt

100 Super Days Teacher T-Shirt

Another t-shirt that fits any educational staff member as easily as it does the teachers, this explosive shirt is perfect for anyone who loves their school. With a bold design reminiscent of comic book-style art, and youth sizes available, even the students can get in on the celebration.

3. 100 Days Sprinkled Teacher T-Shirt

100 Days Sprinkled Teacher T-Shirt

This is another funny shirt that features a pun as its central design — and we love punny comedy around these parts. Three, bright, pink-and-white cupcakes and festive candle numbers establish the ‘100,’ while an assorted script shares why we’ve enjoyed our school year so far.

4. 100 Days Brighter Teacher T-Shirt

100 Days Brighter Teacher T-Shirt

One of the cutest designs of the year, this shirt is packed with adorable imagery to brighten your day. Most prominently, a dazzling rainbow is printed in white, coral silk, mint green, athletic gold, and peach inks, and is caught just as it spreads out among two fluffy clouds. In fact, it appears that one cloud is just as excited for day 100 as you are!

5. Rockin’ the 100th Day of School T-Shirt

Rockin' the 100th Day of School T-Shirt

You can rock the 100th day of school with this music-themed 100th-day t-shirt. It is perfect for your favorite jeans, or you could add a cardigan. This shirt is a classic and has plenty of room to add 100 music notes or maybe 100 guitar picks. The colors of this t-shirt give you many possibilities.

6. 100 Days and Counting T-Shirt

100 Days and Counting T-Shirt

If you are counting the days to summer, this 100th-day T-shirt is perfect. It features a broken piggy bank that reminds you how every day adds up to something bigger. Why not continue the celebration and tape 100 real pennies on it for the day? It is the perfect foundation for a pink cardigan for a coordinated outfit.

7. Time Flies T-Shirt

Time Flies 100 Days T-Shirt

This t-shirt reminds us that time flies. An adorable frog is catching 100 flies on this shirt. This shirt does not need anything extra to celebrate. Its bright colors add to the fun. It is perfect for your favorite denim jacket or leggings. Teachers and students alike will love this one.

8. 100 Days of School No Probllama T-shirt

100 Days of School No Probllama T-Shirt

This adorable 100 days t-shirt features a colorful south-of-the-border theme that is perfect for adding 100 brightly colored pom-poms. It is the perfect shirt for wearing under a poncho or southwestern blanket. It reminds you that the first 100 days were no problem and that the summer will be here in no time with its bright colors and festive design.

9. Hooray for the 100th Day

Hooray for the 100th Day Grey T-Shirt

This gray shirt is perfect for 100th Day celebrations. The colorful design stands out against the gray background. It is perfect for a cardigan or for adding your favorite 100th-day adornments. Maybe 100 curly ribbon streamers would be perfect for this one, or you could always add to the confetti to make it more festive.

Best Place to Buy Trendy Tees and 100th Day Fashions

Now you have a few unique ideas for celebrating the 100th Day at your school. These t-shirts are perfect for everyone from the teacher to students of all ages. For more great 100th day t-shirt ideas, or to find the perfect shirt for any holiday throughout the year, reach out to our team today.