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2016 Summer Trends: How To Customize Your Style

Jun 21st 2016

Summer is finally here. The year 2016 is the time to show off your own style, and by that we mean your own ‘personalized’ style. Summer trends are resurrecting a few retro clothing styles, such as Aztec-print tank tops and patriotic apparel, but with a new customizable and personalized twist.

Summertime is your time to exhibit just how stylish and on-trend you are. Tees2UrDoor has a number of great new styles that have arrived just in time for summer—all with endless customizable opportunities.

What’s Your Name?

Summer 2016 is all about you. What is your name, what are your initials, what is your astrological sign—obviously we all want to know! If you’re up to date on the hottest trends, then you have definitely heard of the monogram and probably have seen it everywhere.

Monogramming is cool because it shows ownership in a creative and cute way. If you are unfamiliar with what monogramming is, it is a person’s first, middle and last name initials written in an elaborate font with the last initial in the center and bigger than the other letters. You have probably seen them on the back of cars and backpacks or on the front of t-shirts and hats. They are great for decoration and personalization.

Tees2UrDoor offers a number of products that can have a monogram added to them, including: hats, shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, decals, cups and dresses. We offer a variety of colors and font choices, so our customers can customize their clothing and accessories to reflect their individuality and style-preferences.

Always On the Move

You may be out of school for the summer or have a couple weeks of vacation approaching, but we know how busy summertime always is. People are always out and about. That’s why Tees2UrDoor is happy to announce the arrival of our new Kuhl 20 ounce Powder Coated Stainless Steel Tumbler.

Vacuum sealed and made with stainless steel, our Kuhl tumbler is ideal for your life on the go because it keeps your drinks cold on hot days. Also, it can be personalized with your monogram so the world knows it’s yours.

Summertime Blues

For many, summertime is the best part of the year. It is basically synonymous with water. So whether you enjoy your free time at the ocean, lake or river—wherever your crew goes to cool off—Tees2UrDoor makes customizable t-shirts in the perfect color for summertime: blue!

We offer a number of great tees in aquamarine, navy and sapphire blue. Our new “I was made for…” tank top is ideal for the summer heat and has glitter! All of our t-shirts can be personalized when it comes to design, font style and color, so you can make what you wear your own.

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Tees2UrDoor’s mission is to deliver quality t-shirts to your door that meet your every need. We offer all of the latest summer trends: monogram, glitter, Aztec and patriotic tees and more. Visit our website today to look at all of our latest styles. If you would like to place an order with us or have any questions, give us a call at 877-245-0492 or fill out our online contact form.