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4 Best Summer Sandal Trends Of 2020

4 Best Summer Sandal Trends Of 2020

Jul 24th 2020

Step into summer with our new collection of stylish sandals. At Tees2UrDoor, we have created this curated list of the best summer sandals to help you choose your new go-to sandals for the warmer weather. Discover our summer sandals below and you’ll be stylish no matter what you wear!

  1. Jelly Stud Alison Sandal Clear
  2. Jelly Stuf Alison Sandal Clear

    Are you ready for summer? These jelly stud sandals are giving us the perfect excuse to take a trip down to the beach, pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy another day under the sun! We absolutely love the gemstones that ornament the jelly straps, giving you a razzle-dazzle with each and every step!

  3. Jelly Stud Alison Sandal Black
  4. Jelly Stud Alison Sandal Black

    The Alison sandal in black makes the gemstones on the strap stand out and attract more attention. If you are not a fan of subtly then the Alison in black is just for you. Let your toes breathe and walk with confidence, for the Jelly Stud sandal has got your back this summer and the next due to its comfortable and timeless design.

  5. Berk Bow Tie Black Sandal
  6. Berk Bow Tie Black Sandal

    Slip into style with the berk bow tie black sandal and you will manage to look comfortable, cool, and collected no matter what outfit you wear. In the summertime when the heat is high, the best footwear is the kind you can easily slip on and move on! Your feet will thank you with the berk bow tie black sandals!

  7. Berk Bow Tie Leopard Sandal

Berk Bow Tie Leopard Sandal

Comfy sandals are always the way to go when you are walking around all day touring a city you’ve never seen before. Walk to the park, to the beach, or go visit your favorite ice cream shop with these trendy leopard sandals. We guarantee that they will draw looks and break necks. Pair these fashionable sandals with our Tan Cheetah Lips T-Shirt to get the full look!

Trendy Sandals at Tees2UrDoor!

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