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4 Funny School Tees That Teachers & Students Will Love

4 Funny School Tees That Teachers & Students Will Love

Jul 26th 2019

Why do you teach? Because you find it fulfilling and rewarding. Teachers want to help kids and adults reach their full potential, and help them find their confidence in a tumultuous world. Giving a kid the right book or music lessons can change their lives for the better; it’s how Erin Gruwell encouraged her students to write letters that would later become the book and movie Freedom Writers.

What will students get a kick out of at your school? Their innocent laughter is worthy enough of the small investment in cute, funny t-shirts. Especially as the school curriculum becomes more demanding, and superintendents monitor standardized testing, you want to remind students that school will make their lives better and is worth the effort. Be that cool teacher kids remember as always injecting drudging academics with fun energy!

Top Funny T-shirts To Order for Your School

You can spread the cheer with t-shirts at great pricing for all of the teachers and staff and in some cases, even for students, as well!

100 Days of School, No ProbLlama Tee

100 Days of School No Probllama T-Shirt

The idea of a long school year sometimes exhausts students after just week 1. They worry when they test poorly, or have to handle a vast amount of homework.

Remind them the year will be done in no time with this cute play on words: 100 Days of School? No ProbLlama! This is definitely a positive way to look at things.

Llamas are known for standing their ground, guarding farm animals against predators, and carrying heavy loads. Their fur can be used to make warm cloth, to keep people warm. These furry animals are quite intelligent and caring.

With all these qualities, llamas represent teachers perfectly, who have to protect their kids and carry the weight of teaching. Teachers also make a classroom a safe space, protected from the outside.

Your students can take inspiration from these majestic, misunderstood creatures. Carry the weight of the school year with ease by sharing the load, and standing your ground against predators. Just take the academic year with the strength of a llama! Problem solved!

Fun and at a price that can’t be beaten: $9.97 you can outfit the whole school. That’s right, the purple No ProbLlama t-shirt fits Youth Small all the way to Adult 5XL, so your students and all of the teachers and staff can all share in the joke with this funny design!

I Teach a Thing or Two Tee

Dr. Seuss was a remarkable children’s author, who used unique illustrations with child-friendly vocabulary to talk about growing up, solving problems, and creating a better future. It’s a small wonder that The Cat in the Hat became a household name, with the titular cat showing off fun and mischief on a rainy day. Seuss’s optimistic view on life shows that “It can be done!” when you have the perfect pairing of Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Dr. Seuss’s Things were furry rascals that would cause mischief for the Cat in the Hat in his debut. In later spinoffs and shows, they would help him in his quest to entertain the kids and educate them about science.

Who in your school is Thing 1 and who is Thing 2? Why, Teacher and Student, of course! Thing 1 leads the learning and merrymaking, while Thing 2 follows along and adds their brand of mischief. Together, they’ll make the classroom exciting. That is why your class will love this t-shirt, where every kid will want to be Thing 2.

I Teach a Thing or 2 Teacher Antique Cherry Red T-Shirt

I Teach a Thing or 2 Teacher Antique Cherry Red T-Shirt

The I Teach a Thing or Two t-shirt puts students square in the middle of the classic Cat in the Hat series books and cartoons, where finding solutions and learning is a challenge made with giggly, side-splitting fun.

In antique cherry-red to contrast with the blue hair, this is no doubt one of the most eye-catching funny tees that you can show up with. At only $11.97, it makes a great co-worker gift! Get it in adult sizes small – 5XL. Machine washable, but treat it kindly!

You can personalize this with your school name on the front for free, and if you want to add some star quality by adding your name on the back, you can do so for just a small additional fee.

I Learn a Thing or Two Bright Blue T-Shirt by Tees2urdoor

I Learn a Thing or Two Bright Blue T-Shirt by Tees2urdoor

Now we’ve only mentioned half of the fun. You can get these Dr. Seuss themed tees at only $11.97 for all of your students as well! Imagine a school assembly or a field trip with your students wearing matching shirts!

You would really stand out as the leader of your “pack” in your red “I Teach a Thing or Two” tee, and you can easily spot your students in the sea of blue running around with their stamp that says “ I Learn a Thing or Two.” This t-shirt comes in Youth Extra Small – Adult 2XL.

Likewise, this can be personalized with the school name around the tummy for free, and on the back with your students’ names or nicknames on the back for an extra fee. Add some Dr. Seuss to your life, the memories of funny rhymes or the lessons.

Teaching Is My Jam T-Shirt

Teaching is my Jam T-Shirt

Love being a teacher? Your students will get a chuckle out of your Teaching is my Jam t-shirt. In an attractive Heather Cardinal Red, your kids won’t miss the message. Customize the label with any text of your choosing, so that your students will know if the jam is raspberry, rhubarb, or strawberry.

You love being where you are: in that classroom with your kids. So show it off with this clever t-shirt strictly for the teachers who love their work. Also at only $14.97, get all the teachers in on it! A bit of jam can make toast taste good, and so can jamming away in the classroom.

Today's Forecast Teaching with a 100% Chance of Learning

Today's Forecast Teaching T-ShirtThey say that we can’t control the weather. If it rains, we put on raincoats and open our umbrellas; if it’s snowing, we go out in boots and scarves. We can only adjust to changing conditions outside the classroom. Even so, we can predict how the day will go inside and outside of the classroom.

“Today’s Forecast” is a positive affirmation that will instill your kids with confidence that they will get value from your lessons. You will affirm to yourself that good teaching pays off, and the kids will learn. This shirt, priced at $10.95, goes up to 5XL and will fit into your day quite well.

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