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4 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

4 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

Sep 20th 2021

4 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

Putting together Halloween costumes can be tricky. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get dressed up this Halloween with minimum effort, there’s no reason that you need to be scared. There’s a ghoulish costume waiting in your own closet right now.

All you need to tie it together are a few fun accessories from Tees2UrDoor that’ll help you get all decked out for the party without needing to do something truly frightening – namely, putting work into your Halloween look (which is, to be honest, something some of us don’t want to do).

1.Jack O’ Lantern with Leopard Glasses T-Shirt

Jack O' Lantern with Leopard Glasses T-Shirt

Looking for some last minute halloween costumes or want to put together an outfit from Tees2UrDoor? We’ve got you covered. This t-shirt with a Jack O’ Lantern with leopard glasses will make you ready for that Halloween party due to its festive and vibrant colors.

Your friends are sure to ask where you got it from. This tee is perfect for all ages, and a must have for the fall and Halloween season.

2. V-Neck Jack-O-Lantern Shirt

Raw Edge V-Neck Jack-O-Lantern Shirt

Another lazy Halloween costume that is super easy to put together is this awesome Jack-O-Lantern shirt. Wear that pumpkin design to wherever you’re going on that ghoulish night. On another note, once Halloween is over you can use the top for running errands in the fall season and it will keep you warm in the chilly weather for sure. So make sure you have this awesome costume in your closet at all times, because you never know when it’ll come in handy.

3.Trick or Teach Halloween T-Shirt

Trick or Teach Halloween T-Shirt

Are you a teacher who can’t decide on a Halloween costume? This trick or teach Halloween shirt is the perfect lazy Halloween costume for those who just want to throw something on and be out the door in no time.

Impress and make your students smile with this simple and classic Halloween costume idea and you’ll be inspiring other teachers to try out more lazy costumes in the future.

4.Vintage Cat Halloween Bundle

Vintage Cat Halloween Bundle

If you still haven’t decided what you’re wearing for your Halloween costume and are looking for more simple costume ideas, here’s a great one for you. The Vintage Cat Halloween Bundle features a spooky cat tee as well as a trick-or-treat bag to hold your candy for Halloween night, or any other accessories you might want to add to it.

It’s a flawless Halloween costume for those who don’t want to take the time to get dressed up in something itchy. Pair the top with your favorite cardigan to complete the look, and feel comfortable wherever you are.

Simple and Lazy Halloween Costumes for All

When you’re looking for some lazy and quick ideas for a halloween costume, we have you covered. However, the Halloween costumes mentioned above are only a few ideas for what clothes or costume you can wear on Halloween night.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of options for Halloween costumes to pick from, so contact us online at Tees2urdoor and tell us all about your favorite items on our site and some new terrifying Halloween costume ideas that you would like to see from us.