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4 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

4 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 14th 2020

If you’re looking to get dressed up with the minimum of effort, there’s no reason that you need to be scared. There’s a ghoulish costume waiting in your own closet right now. All you need to tie it together are a few fun accessories from Tees2UrDoor that’ll help you get all decked out for the party without needing to do something truly frightening – namely, putting work into your Halloween look!

1.Jack O’ Lantern with Leopard Glasses T-Shirt

If you don’t have time to buy a costume or put together an outfit at Tees2UrDoor we’ve got you covered. This t-shirt with a Jack O’ Lantern with leopard glasses will make you ready for that Halloween party due to its festive and vibrant colors.

2. DIY Trick or Treat Tie Dye T-Shirt

DIY Trick or Treat Tie Dye T-Shirt

If you’re not too averse to putting a little effort into your costume idea, then try this do-it-yourself tie-dye shirt. You can order a set for the whole family and then dye them if you prefer. Since they come in a neutral white tone, they should prove to be the perfect 100 percent cotton t-shirt for those planning to do a little of their own decoration. Naturally, you could leave them alone as well and just wear the fun pumpkin design to wherever you’re going on that ghoulish night!

3. Trick or Treat Halloween T-Shirt

Trick or Treat Halloween T-Shirt

Those who are looking for something that takes almost no work to get on will love this 4.6-5.1 ounce pre-shrunk 100 percent cotton t-shirt, which boats a classic fit and shaped armholes. It’s got a fun Halloween theme that should technically count as a costume even if you’re stuck with a group of sticklers who don’t quite share your theories about how to get dressed up on All Hallows’ Eve!

4. Lightweight Quarter-Zip Pullover

Lightweight Quarter-Zip Pullover

Here’s an idea: put on this stretchy 95 percent polyester relaxed body pullover with relaxed cuff sleeves and just feel really comfortable when passing out candy. If anyone takes the time to ask what you’re dressed as then just tell them the truth – you went out on Halloween night as yourself! It’s a flawless costume for those who don’t want to take the time to get dressed up in something itchy and it even comes in five separate adorable designs so you won’t have to feel locked into a certain specific design. Those who live in cooler climates might even want to try putting on an oversized Sherpa jacket in a festive color and telling people the same sort of thing!

Keep in mind that there are plenty of custom designs to pick from as well, so contact us online at Tees2urdoor and tell us all about your terrifying ideas.