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5 Custom Photo T-Shirts Perfect For Sporting Events

5 Custom Photo T-Shirts Perfect For Sporting Events

May 13th 2021

Support your favorite sports players with their photo printed on a comfy custom t-shirt. Depending on the kind of sport your own star participates in, you might find that any of these following five shirts fit the bill perfectly!

Custom Team Photo T-Shirt Designs

1. Rough & Ready Photo T-Shirt

One of the most popular options right now with football teams is this rough and ready shirt, which is designed to give the appearance that you're every bit as ready as the name suggests! It features customization options including not only a photo but also the name of a player and team.

The options make it a great choice for those who are heading to an evening game in support of a specific player and want an easy way to show everyone how much they back their own personal star. These come in a neutral ash color that should work well no matter what your team's colors might be.

2. Floral Wreath Photo T-Shirt

The floral wreath design on this shirt calls to mind the botanical trophies that are so often draped over the shoulders of victorious participants in the world's most prestigious sporting events. That's what makes it such an attractive choice for those who want a custom name and photo on their shirt to back someone in an individual sport.

Of course, there's also plenty of space on this ash gray shirt for the name of a team as well. It's a great pick for everything from baseball to varsity-level cheerleading.

3. Retro Rectangle Photo T-Shirt

Retro Rectangle Photo T Shirt

While it still has the same general ash color and 5-5½oz. pre-shrunk 100 percent cotton instruction as the others, this retro rectangle photo shirt stands out because of its unique design. It's made to echo some of the design ethos that was popular on sporting memorabilia around 20-30 years ago, which gives it a timeless style that's certainly hard to beat.

Anyone who likes baseball and football cards from that era will immediately recognize the boxy lines and offset text that defined a generation of sports collectibles. This shirt is a great way to say that your favorite player is going to become a timeless favorite.

4. Glitter Punch Photo T-Shirt

Anyone who wants to stand out and show a larger photo at the same time will want to look into the glitter punch photo tee. It offers a big enough central area for you to customize it with whatever kind of sports-related portrait you like. This has made it an equally attractive option for those promoting nearly any kind of sporting event.

5. Leopard Chic Frame Photo V-Neck T-Shirt

Leopard Chic Frame Photo V-neck T-Shirt

Customized photo tees are already pretty casual, but the lower neckline and tapered sides of this leopard-style shirt make this one even more relaxed. It comes in sizes from AS-5XL, which means you could get a set for a whole team to wear or even your whole family. That would certainly help your clan stand out from the crowd.

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