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5 Festive T-Shirts for Family Gatherings

5 Festive T-Shirts for Family Gatherings

Nov 2nd 2018

Make a splash at your next family gathering that everyone will remember. Invest in some festive holiday tees and make them smile the moment they first lay eyes on your witty, new shirt. Surprise them; don’t tell anyone what you're going to wear to make a huge statement with one of our exclusive designs. That’s right! You won’t find it anywhere else. Why not surprise them again by having some of these tees wrapped and handy to give to the ones that love the shirt. Make it an efficient buy by pre-ordering a few when you order your own through Tees2UrDoor

Here are Top 5 Festive T-Shirts

Hot Cocoa & S'mores T-Shirt


Hot Cocoa & Smores T-Shirt

What's more festive than hot cocoa, s'mores, turkey, pumpkins and having your entire family dressed up around a camp fire? Whether you're planning a chilly vacation or just settling down for some football after Thanksgiving dinner, this 100 percent cotton hot cocoa and smores themed tee is perfect for everyone in family since it comes in sizes YS-5XL. At only $9.97, you can even order enough to make your neighbor's family feel festive too!

Feelin' Willie Blessed Tee


Willie Nelson Design T-shirt

What do you get when you combine Thanksgiving, the country styling of Willie Nelson and a comfortable preshrunk premium cotton double-stitched Jerzees t-shirt? The answer is this Feelin' Willie Blessed tee for only $12.57.

If you're looking forward to some good old-fashioned home cooking this holiday season, then you might be feeling Really blessed to show up to your relatives' homes in one of these! This tee is a brand new addition, so be the first in your Willie Nelson fans family to get one.

Feel free to speak to someone directly at Tees2urdoor with any questions you may have. Really, we’ll be happy to hear from you online or by phone 877-245-0492.

Chocolate Brown Turkey Face T-Shirt


Chocolate Brown Turkey Face T-Shirt

Don't wait until stores open on Black Friday to save. Get this festive chocolate brown turkey face t-shirt for only $8.97 today and get ready for plenty of laughter come Turkey Day!

It’s a cute, goofy and simple representation of a turkey.

Best of all: your toddler, size 2T and everyone in the family up to size 5XL can have one!

Shop 'Til You Drop Tee


Black Friday T-shirt

On the other hand, Black Friday shoppers who care more about the deals than the food can show their family how they really feel with this hilarious Black Friday-themed t-shirt. Best of all, if you sleep in a little late on Friday this grey 50/50 fabric shirt is more than comfortable enough to wear while you're waiting in line!

It comes in top style for the fervent shopaholic.

Thankful Forever Velvet Striped Long-Sleeve T-Shirt


Thankful Forever Long Sleeved T-shirt with Velvet Stripes

On the other hand, you'll feel way more comfortable in this Thankful Forever Velvet Striped long-sleeve t-shirt if you're the type to rail against consumerism and want to make the holidays all about family once again. Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, it should be able to handle any stretching that might occur as a result of, let’s say, excess potato and yam consumption.

The velvet band on the shoulders and arms is a hug-temptation that your family won’t resist. Test it out and leave your comments.

Festive Tees for the Holidays

Do you have your own idea for a festive holiday tee? Tees2UrDoor started off as a small company that helped local sports fans order custom t-shirts for their favorite events and filled team orders.

Now we've expanded and made it super easy to customize your shirt for any occasion online. If there's something special you have in mind, give us a call at 877-245-0492 or contact us on the web today!