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5 Graphic Tee Trends For 2020

5 Graphic Tee Trends For 2020

Mar 3rd 2020

At Tees2UrDoor, we are experts in making and designing cool graphic tees that are made from 100% ring-spun cotton. We made a list of graphic tee trends to look out for this year 2020, discover it below!

  1. Look On The Bright Side T-Shirt

    5 Graphic Tee Trends For 2020

  2. Wear this brightly colored t-shirt to remind yourself to always look for the silver lining. No matter what adversity you might be going through can always decide to look at the bright side and look for the positive outtake. The law of attraction is the powerful force of the universe that attracts similar energies together, so if you look on the bright side all the time that’s all there will ever be for you; clear skies and sunny days!
  3. Over It T-Shirt

    5 Graphic Tee Trends For 2020

  4. Wear this high-quality cotton t-shirt to show him you are SO over it. This design works on so many levels. This tee has a vintage look due to its groovy font and worn look. Pair it with some shorts, jeans or sweatpants, either way, you’ll look fantastic. Look cool and laid-back with this nifty tee.
  5. Be Kind T-Shirt

    5 Graphic Tee Trends For 2020

  6. Being kind doesn’t cost a thing and it has the potential to create a ripple effect of benevolence, so always choose kindness. You never know what kind of battle someone might be going through, so be kind to everyone. Wear this preshrunk cotton t-shirt with neon-colored font as a reminder to yourself and others and spread the good vibes. Pair it with our Lola Girl Cardigan™ in “Spring Floral” for a groovy-chic look.
  7. What In Carnation T-Shirt

    5 Graphic Tee Trend For 2020

  8. This mellow yellow tee has a hand-drawn carnation flower that connects to the phrase from its stem. A shirt design trend for 2020 you might see designers experimenting with is the use of puns in graphic tees. “What in carnation” is a witty pun from the old saying “what in tarnation.” Basically, we took a bad word and transformed it into a flower, you’re welcome.
  9. Spill The Tea T-Shirt

    5 Graphic Tee Trends For 2020

You don’t have to have a certificate in graphic design or web design to appreciate the beautiful composition of this shirt. This t-shirt will be your new bestie, you can go to the movies in it, sleep in it, dance in it or go to school in it. Pair it with the Lola Girl Cardigan™ in “Leopard” to make it fashionable.

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