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5 New Years Shirts: Start 2021 Looking Fab

5 New Years Shirts: Start 2021 Looking Fab

Posted by Tees2UrDoor on Nov 10th 2020

Unlike other holidays, many people don't normally associate New Year's Day with a specific type of outfit. What they do look for, however, is a chance to start the year off right with a brand new wardrobe.

Go through these five shirts and pullovers that will make the New Year an extra special time. You might even be inspired to build outfits around them throughout 2021!

Cheers to a New Year T-Shirt

Rather than remaking your wardrobe, you might want to start off the year with a rather unique stylish t-shirt that has a colorful gold and silver graphic to celebrate the New Year. It's a great option for those planning to attend a party, and there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to enjoy it at future New Year's parties as well.

New Year Same Mess T-Shirt

On the other hand, you might want a festive shirt that you could still wear for quite some time after the holiday. This option proclaims that the next year is just going to be like this one, which is probably a sentiment that people working in countless jobs like to feel. No matter what kind of functions you might be headed to in 2021, you're going to be able to pick up plenty of laughs with this preshrunk 100 percent cotton tee.

Color Block Long Sleeve T-Shirt

By devoting a healthy amount of this shirt to a single funky pattern like camo or a leopard print and then having the rest plain, the color block t-shirt should work well to set trends going into the new year. Best of all, it's a long-sleeve design that should be great for anyone who happens to spend New Year's in a cooler climate.

Patriotic Peace Sign T-Shirt

In many parts of the country, New Year's is a cold weather holiday that requires you to button up. You might want to try this vintage 100 percent cotton t-shirt that has a little bit of a 1970s-era vibe that brings back the look of a certain motorcycle hero's outfits. Best of all, you can pull it out again in July 2021 for Independence Day!

Leopard Tie Front Longsleeve

Those who really want to take fashion into their own hands and start their own trends will want to look at these tie front shirts, which some in a chic leopard print. More than likely, the unique tie on the front doesn't look like anything else in your wardrobe unless you're used to doing this with other garments. Even if you are this is certainly going to prove to be a rather unique addition to your closet that will go with a wide variety of different types of outfits you can already put together. You can either dress it up or down however much you'd like.

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