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Baseball and Softball Team T-Shirts for Sale at Discount Prices

Jan 16th 2018

Baseball and SoftballIf your team is lucky, baseball season will last six months. With softball, the season last for approximately three months, but that doesn’t mean that you stop playing the game. There are several baseball and softball leagues across the nation. Whether it’s professional or intramural sports, Tees2UrDoor stocks the right type of baseball and softball team t-shirts you’re looking for at affordable prices.

If you’re specifically looking for a quality baseball and/or softball team t-shirt, the Team Sport Tail T-Shirt is a favorite among the local elementary, middle, high schools and local sports team in the Nederland area. We’re confident that schools across the nation will like them too! The quality of the graphic print won’t peel or fade and can withstand several washes. Choose from over 20 colors to present your wording in. We even have a selection of colored glitter print! With this particular tee, you’ll have 22 vibrant-colored t-shirts to select from.

Whether it’s a game day t-shirt or a practice tee, you’ll have the option to select contrasting colors that will differentiate one team from the other. Since you can choose the color for your t-shirt and print, we recommend that you select contrasting colors so that the wording on your shirt can be easily seen. View our selection of color options. Choose any of our suggested color combinations or create your own. If you can find your school colors, that’s even better!

T-Shirts to Wear on Game Day Before the Game

On game day, to rally up school pride, the principle usually will organize a pep rally. Team players might wear their jersey or letter jacket during the school day. We suggest that you get a little creative and clothe your baseball and/or softball players with a personalized monogrammed t-shirt that has their own initials decorated on it. It’s far less expensive than a letterman jacket and offers a change to the traditional way to show school pride.

Check out the type of cool t-shirts that your baseball and/or softball team can wear that will encourage other classmates to get one!

· Team Monogram Baseball/Softball – Available in at least 10 different colors, this short sleeve Gildan t-shirt has a graphic image of a baseball or softball on the front. On the center of the graphic is where you can place your team player’s initials in print or script. Sizes for this tee are available in youth to 5XL.

· Team Name Baseball/Softball - This t-shirt is just like the Team Monogram Baseball/Softball tee except instead of initials, you can personalize it with either the name of your school, mascot, team player’s first or last name—whatever creative suggestion you can think of, we can print it!

Note: With both of these style t-shirts, you have the option to customize it with additional print on the back for an additional fee.

· Baseball/Softball Glove Monogram Sports Grey Soft style T-Shirt

This customizable short-sleeve t-shirt comes in just one color—grey, available in sizes youth to 5XL. With this style, a vintage graphic glove is printed on the front of the tee with a heart-shaped baseball/softball. In the middle of that ball is where you can personalize it with a name and team number—or any type of representation that you think shows school pride.

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