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Best Birthday Gifts to Surprise Your Kids With

Mar 30th 2016

Since every birthday just comes around once a year, rather than wait another 12 months to get the right gift, why not get it right the first time? At Tees 2 Ur Door, you’ll find several gift choices fit for a myriad of characters.

The Athlete

Help keep your kids happy and comfy as they embark on a new page in their life with a modest sports t-shirt from Tees 2 Ur Door. Whether your child is an avid basketball, baseball, or softball player, you can find a tee to match their favorite sport.

Many of the sports t-shirts at Tees 2 Ur Door can be customized with a name and/or number on the back. So your child will not only be able to wear their tee while practicing for an upcoming game or trying out for a team; they’ll also have the chance to wear their athletic tee at a game while supporting their favorite star.

They can even show their school spirit with our variety of school-oriented alternatives. Our School Spirit Team tee, for instance, is an excellent choice for the birthday girl or boy to wear at school games to show their support. It can be customized with the name of the school mascot, as well as the team colors. The color block t-shirt can match just about any outfit.

The Seasonal Birthday

Your child’s birthday might land on or near a popular holiday. If that’s the case, then you can opt for a festive holiday t-shirt. If your child’s birthday is on or close to St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll help them avoid getting pinched with the St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hunter Green tee from Tees 2 Ur Door.

Or perhaps your child was born during the wintertime near or on Christmas. The Christmas Snowman Monogram tee from Tees 2 Ur Door features ¾ sleeves with a personalized silver glitter monogram for a shiny touch. From Valentine’s Day to Mardi Gras and Easter, Tees 2 Ur Door offers an array of t-shirts that suit the theme of many holidays and events.

The Original at Heart

Show your child how special they are to you with a simple, yet classy monogram tee. Along with the customizable t-shirts mentioned above, at Tees 2 Ur Door, you’ll find monogram cups and hats/caps that scream originality. You can choose the favorite color of your son or daughter and personalize the design.

The best part about these quality tees and accessories is that they’re suitable for both girls and boys of practically any age group. They can keep warm on cooler days with long-sleeve options including sweatshirts and hoodies, too.

A Fashionable and Long-Lasting Statement

Tees 2 Ur Door has been manufacturing quality tees for quite some time now. All of our t-shirts are screen printed and delivered from our state-of-the-art facility in Texas after undergoing our quality control processes.

The durable build makes it possible for our tees to endure several washes without having their composition compromised. For more information about how to choose the perfect gift for your child and how to place an order, call Tees 2 Ur Door today.