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Best Ways to Show Support at Your Child’s Football Game

Dec 17th 2015

Best Ways to Show Support at Your Child’s Football GameBest Ways to Show Support at Your Child’s Football Game

Attending most, if not all of your child’s football games is certainly a significant way to show them your support. Your presence will make all the difference and most likely motivate your child to play to the best of their ability. Take the encouragement a step further by dressing the part, too.

Creatively Wear Your Child’s Name

Not all kids are fans of hearing their parents shout out their names from the stands. You can show yours how proud you are of them with a custom t-shirt. The “I Love My Football Player” tee from Tees 2 Ur Door is an excellent example of a t-shirt you can personalize by adding your child’s name or jersey number to.

Tees 2 Ur Door offers different customizable shirts available for men and women. Wear it solo or match with your spouse for double support. You can even rally up your loved ones and go for some personalized football monogram tees. For those cooler days, Tees 2 Ur Door also has a selection of customizable hoodies

Gain Visibility with Color

Football games can get pretty packed, which can make it difficult for children to spot their parents among the crowd. By wearing a colorful tee, your child will be able to see you from the field.

Whether you opt for a tank top or t-shirt, at Tees 2 Ur Door, you can choose from all sorts of colors—from catchy to more subtle hues. Go for a chic “Caribbean Blue” or a poppy “Green Apple.” You can match the tee’s color to your child’s football team colors.

Match the Age

The best part about wearing a t-shirt to show you’re child you’re rooting for them, is that you can look young and edgy while doing so. Wearing creative football graphics will get you the right attention. Tees 2 Ur Door emphasizes the power of a strong message and unique design on our football shirts. These are some of our most popular ones:

  • > “My Heart is… Football”
  • > “Make Momma Proud”
  • > “Live Love… Football”
  • > “Let the Field be Joyful”

The curvy fonts and football prints make for a younger-looking top. You can even go the extra mile and add some face paint. Your child will feel like they’re playing in the big leagues.

Be the Coolest Parent on the Field!

With so many fun and colorful options to choose from at Tees 2 Ur Door, standing out is nearly impossible. Our tees are so versatile, they can be mixed and matched with everything from sporty shorts to distressed jeans and leather jackets.

We’ve been in the t-shirt business for quite some time now, which has allowed us to gain the expertise necessary for giving our clients what they want for all sorts of occasions. If your child plays football and any other sport(s), too, at Tees 2 Ur Door, you’ll be sure to find a customizable tee for any of their games.

Contact us today for more information on our wide selection of football tees to make your child’s upcoming matches a blast.