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Celebrate the 100th Day of School with these Shirts for Teachers

Celebrate the 100th Day of School with these Shirts for Teachers

Nov 10th 2020

Whether you started the 100 days as a great learning experience for a math class or nothing more than an excuse to have a party, it's an excellent time to wear a fun t-shirt that celebrates the fact that you've been in school for 100 days. Check out these options and you'll be sure to find something that suits your classroom's tastes and character.

100 Days of School Shirt for Teachers

Each classroom is just a little bit different, so Tees2urdoor has made sure to put together plenty of different styles so every teacher gets a chance to show a little 100-day pride.

100 Days and Counting T-Shirt

For many students, 100 days means that they're that much closer to reaching the end of the school year. If your students have a tendency to consider the end of each day to essentially be one more hurdle cleared headed for summer vacation, then this shirt's unique piggy bank design totally captures that feeling. You might think to bring it out if you have some special activities planned to celebrate the 100 days that have passed because it's funky style is perfect for a party or other gathering.

100 Days in the Books T-Shirt

100 Days in the Books T-Shirt

This Pistachio-colored t-shirt is a better option for those who have students that were ready to buckle down the whole time and spent the entire school year thus far studying. It features a design that includes traditional symbols of education, like a red apple and neon-colored books. A pencil completes the graphic, which is prominently placed across the front to show off the fact that your students are already getting ready for the next 100 days.

100 Days Mask Emoji T-Shirt

100 Days Mask Emoji T Shirt

In some places, going to school for 100 days has become something of a challenge. If this sounds familiar, then this shirt might be perfect for you. It replaces the trademark zeros in the number 100 with a pair of emoji faces wearing masks. It's a great way of making the best out of the situation, even if you have been meeting in school only through the magic of the Internet.

Time Flies Frog-themed 100 Days T-Shirt

Time Flies From Themes 100 Days T Shirt

Perhaps our funkiest design features a frog trying to take out a fly to show off the fact that time does indeed fly and your 100-day celebration has come along much more quickly than you might have ever thought possible. The great blue color might very well match your school's colors. Even if it doesn't it should look great with almost anything that you pair it with. You may elect to put a sweater on over it, especially if you live in a cooler climate. After all, it shouldn't be hard to find something that matches well.

Make sure to use our online contact form to keep in touch, because 100 day isn't all that far off. Depending on what district you teach in, it might be as early as February 9th.