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Customizable Basketball T-Shirts to Wear on Gameday

Customizable Basketball T-Shirts to Wear on Gameday

Jul 11th 2019

The sound of a ball smacking the court is enough to make hearts race. Players dart around, dribbling and blocking. They take leaps of faith for that slam-dunk or the three-pointer. We watch with bated breath. The jerseys change with each game, from red to black to starch white.

It all starts when the referee blows his whistle. Then we see who gets the ball first, and who will get it in the basket before someone goes out of bounds. The score can change any moment, as the crowds shout, “DEFENSE!” It’s exhilarating.

Basketball is a sport where everyone is a winner. Easy to learn, a bit difficult to play if you want to test your limits, all children and adults can shoot some hoops and learn to dribble. Developing a strategy is another story; that’s why players must learn to work together.

We have fun when playing with friends and family, and so do college and pro athletes. Basketball also teaches crucial life skills. They learn to work as a team so as to score points and win the game.

Gameday is near and you want to step up your wardrobe this time around. At Tees 2 Ur Door, you can do just that with a customizable basketball tee. Whether you’re going to an NBA game or to your kid’s school basketball game, our unique t-shirt selection will have you stand out among the crowd.

A Stylish Addition to Your Athletic Wardrobe

All the sports t-shirts at Tees 2 Ur Door can be matched with various outfits. They can also be worn both indoors and outdoors and in varying weather conditions. Go for a short sleeve or long sleeve alternative and choose your monogram initials with up to three letters. You can even choose a raglan with a half-sleeve.

Wearing a personalized t-shirt under a jacket will add character to any wardrobe choice. Our tees can be paired with one of our trendy monogram hats and cup to quench your thirst after rooting on your favorite star athlete on the court. You will be fully outfitted for the day, as you prepare to watch the game go into overtime.

Some of our basketball shirts can be personalized with a name or number, as well. Wear the colors of your favorite team by choosing from an assortment of t-shirt colors along with monogram hues. Support your school’s players on the court, or show off your colors for the home team as they play in the NBA finals.

The color combinations are virtually endless! You can go choose everything from color block alternatives to shimmery details and light or dark shades for a unisex fit.

We only use the highest quality fabrics and ink to ensure the longevity of each t-shirt. Our monogram tees are adorned with heat-applied vinyl that can undergo several launderings while maintaining the t-shirt’s build. Be sure to wash all of the shirts you order before wearing, and note any preshrunk cotton. Our shirts will last a long time, but with proper care, they can last even longer!

A Range of Unique Alternatives

Tees 2 Ur Door is a one-of-a-kind t-shirt stop for basketball fans with diverse preferences. The following are some of our most popular basketball t-shirts:

Vintage Pride Crest Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Are you a fan of your team mascot, and of the older designs that went into sports accessories? Look no further; print your team or mascot name, and show the world how much you care.

Distressed Basketball with Personalization T-Shirt

Time wears down all balls in the court. That is a fact of life that we cannot avoid. Athletes also want to settle down, retire, or treat game injuries. But we can commemorate the passage of time for our athletes with this shirt.

Customize with your team colors, player name, and number. And don’t fear the day that your favorite player decides to retire, or has to after knee surgery.

Ash Gameday Basketball T-Shirt

Sometimes the simplest touches are the ones that make the team. When you bring up the image of a basketball, and reminders of the local team, positive vibes ensue. Personalize this shirt for game day, adding your name and player number.

This is also a good shirt for school basketball teams to wear on the days they want fellow classmates to come and see all four periods. Highly affordable, comfortable to wear, and always will reflect school spirit.

Go Mascot Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Who doesn’t like adding some spring to your step, and to support your team? As basketball season moves from the spring to the summer, you can show off your colors, and show the passage of time. This shirt is highly durable, which is good for game days, and customize your team name how you like.

God Bless My Basketball Player T-Shirt

There were several films about divine intervention in sports, including one for basketball. You can channel these films with this gift for the basketball fan in your life, whether they are part of the Lakers or a member of the family. This classy graphite heather t-shirt is adorned with a left chest and back print of a cross with a unique design.

Love my Basketball Player Charcoal Softstyle T-Shirt

Are you proud of the athletes that come home for dinner, and make sure to wash the dishes? You can show your pride with this comfy, meaningful gift. Display how much you love your family’s star basketball player. A quality charcoal t-shirt, “Love my Basketball Player” reflects all the feelings shared between family over shared support for the game.

Start Personalizing Your Favorite Basketball T-Shirt Today At Tees 2 Ur Door, you’ll find the largest variety of customizable basketball t-shirts. Whether you’re looking for a simple or more ornate design, you’ll find exactly what you need for the next basketball game, whether you’re cheering from the bleachers or from home.

We will be very happy to outfit you, your school or family, or all the above. For more information about our quality t-shirt selection, contact Tees 2 Ur Door today.