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First Day of School Shirts for Kids and Their Parents

First Day of School Shirts for Kids and Their Parents

Aug 19th 2019

Ah, the first day of school. Who can forget waking up at six or seven AM so the bus or your parents can beat morning traffic? You can’t, especially when as an adult you have to drive yourself to work or find the right bus to get to your building.

You adjust to a new building or a grade with higher expectations. Established or unfamiliar classmates will accompany you to each period. School textbooks and novels for English literature may break the budget unless they’re on loan.

Parents have a harder job than the kids do. They have to do the job of actually waking up the new students, watching the traffic around school zones. Getting to a new place on time is difficult, especially in crowded urban areas.

What’s more, you need to make sure your kids enjoy their classroom. You want them to be happy, do their homework, and study hard for exams. When classmates are learning manners, you want to help your kids navigate obstacles.

The right t-shirt for the first day of school can boost morale for your students. If your kids need to wear a uniform, you can set out these shirts for when they come home and tell you about all the work that they have. You can go out, seize the day, and prepare them for a year of grueling reading.

Our T-Shirt Recommendations

Positive affirmations and puns go well together; that’s why we love the Bee Amazing T-Shirt. You and your family are amazing, and the bees are too.

Bees help pollinate farmlands, nurture native wildflowers, and give us honey. Without that pollination, we wouldn’t have massive food sources for people and livestock or cotton since bees make sure the plants keep growing. They also work together as part of a group to survive and enjoy life. Your kids can emulate that spirit, knowing that they add more to the world.

The Lookin' Sharp Customized T-Shirt is good for when your kids want to show they are tough and resilient. This shirt can hold messages or names as you wish, and affirm roughing out the toughest storms. Your kids and family will take the inspiration to heart.

Why cacti? Because cacti are remarkable flowers, that survive the desert and don’t need much water. When you keep them as houseplants, they can filter the air and remove any toxins that build up during the day. Happy cacti bloom flowers, which attract woodpeckers and other birds. You can nibble on prickly pears, and savor the taste.

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Tees2UrDoor always wants to make appropriate gifts and items for families, teams, and other groups. We want to encourage an atmosphere of appreciation. Our t-shirts are manufactured in the United States, made of one hundred percent cotton, and come in all sorts of sizes.

Contact us today to place your order, offer feedback on what we send. We will be happy to prepare you for the school year so that you can tackle all the ensuing challenges with fun, and confidence.