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Fun Tees for the Beginning of the School Year

Oct 14th 2016

The start to a new school year is exciting. Students get to see all of their friends and fellow classmates that they may or may not have seen over the summer months. Teachers get to dive into their revised lesson plans with students they might not have taught before. Everyone is excited to see each other. And people want to know:

  • Who’s new?
  • Who’s changed?
  • What’d you do with your summer?
  • And above all else, what are you wearing?
    • Is your wardrobe up-to-date?
    • Are you in sync with the latest trends?
    • Did you completely makeover your style?

Everything is fresh at the beginning of the school year, so why shouldn’t your clothes be? Tees2UrDoor is here to help you start off the school year right. We supply a wide assortment of fun t-shirts perfect for every school occasion.

Rah! Rah! Rah! School Spirit!

Tees2UrDoor is the proud supplier of a number of customizable t-shirt options. When you return to school this fall, make sure to have a number of t-shirts showing your school or team spirit. We supply customizable t-shirts that can display team names, last names, player numbers and monograms. Furthermore, we create customizable t-shirts for every school sport, including: band, swimming, soccer, football, cheerleading and dance. Here are a few of the t-shirts we offer for sports that will be in session this upcoming fall:

  • Band T-Shirts:
  • Band Photo T-Shirt
  • Band Monogram Tee
  • Girl’s Swimming Tees:
  • Swim Photo T-Shirt
  • Swim Monogram Tee
  • Boy’s Soccer Shirts:
  • Kick It Enjoy Life Soccer T-Shirt
  • It’s Soccer Y’all Tee
  • Soccer Photo T-Shirt
  • Soccer Monogram Tee
  • Make Momma Proud—for parents
  • Love My Soccer Player—for parents
  • Football Season Tees:
  • Aztec Glitter Football Helmet Tee
  • Huddle Up Enjoy Life Football T-Shirt
  • It’s Football Y’all Raglan Shirt
  • Team Name Football Tee
  • Team Monogram Football T-Shirt
  • Football Photo T-Shirt
  • Love My Football Player Tee—for parents
  • Make Momma Proud Football T-Shirt
  • Cheerleading/Dance T-Shirts:
  • Jump High Enjoy Life Cheerleading T-Shirt
  • Cheerleading Photo T-Shirt
  • Dance Photo T-Shirt
  • God Bless My Cheerleader/Dancer—for parents

Whatever sports you plan on joining this fall, Tees2UrDoor has the perfect t-shirts for you to show off your team spirit. Even if you aren’t an athlete, we have every type of t-shirt so you can show off your school spirit in style.

Trendy Tees to Keep You Stylish

Not everybody is into sports attire. If this is you then take a look at our assortment of trendy tees. We supply a number of shirts, accessories and more that can be customized with your monogram, which is a cute and fun way to personalize your belongings. Tees2UrDoor also manufactures fun t-shirts that are up-to-date with the latest styles. Our collection includes:

  • The Aztec Monogram Tank
  • Cheetah Monogram Tank
  • I Was Made For… Aquamarine and Navy Tank Top
  • ‘Merica T-shirt
  • American Flag Aztec T-Shirt

Get in Touch with Tees2UrDoor Today!

Take a look at our website today to see all of the merchandise that we supply. If you have questions about customizations or anything else, do not hesitate to call us at 877-245-0492 and our friendly staff will happily assist you. Also you can fill out our online contact form to reach us with any questions you might have as well.