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Holiday T-Shirt Buying Guide 2021

Holiday T-Shirt Buying Guide 2021

Oct 26th 2021

The holiday season will soon be upon us, and you can see the signs wherever you look. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling from the trees, and football fans are getting rowdy. It must be Fall.

In the run-up to the holidays, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Not only do you need to find a memorable gift for everyone on your twice-checked list, but you probably want to spread some holiday cheer - and look good - while you do so.

What better way is there to show your festive spirit than with a new holiday t-shirt? In fact, the right holiday tees can also help you cross a few names off your list.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite holiday clothing of 2021 so that you can stop worrying and start sashaying.

Whether you’re shopping for fashionistas or families, we have something for everyone! It's never been easier or more fun to buy a perfect shirt for that special someone in your life.

Holiday Shopping Guide 2021

Some people love clothing and fashion - and enjoy wearing their style “on their sleeve,” as the saying goes. Others care only for comfort, humor, or functionality. The good news is that we’ve found something for everyone.

However, not all shirts are created equal, so here are a couple things to consider when looking for the perfect ones for your wardrobe. They should fit comfortably - not too tight or too loose. The fabric should feel soft against your skin, and the color should complement your style. Black is always on-trend, but festive reds, oranges, and yellows are perfect for the autumn season.

The Best Holiday T-Shirts in 2021

The best holiday tees are adaptable, cute, and comfortable. Here, for your consideration, are our top picks for new arrivals, fall attire, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

New Arrivals

The light shines in the darkness christmas t shirt

1. The Light Shines in the Darkness Christmas T-Shirt

Our newest design for those who like to wear something more spiritual, this beautiful t-shirt features the inspiring Bible verse from John 1:5. Multiple, striking fonts remind us that our darkest moments will not overcome us. While most of the text is in white and sky blue inks, the word ‘Light’ and the phrase ‘overcome it’ are displayed in brilliant yellow, emerging from the deep, royal blue of the shirt.

Merry Christmas Santa T Shirt

2. Merry Christmas Santa T-Shirt

This adorable tee shirt makes creative use of the law of closure to combine “Merry Christmas” with a general outline of the man-in-red himself. The famous phrase stands in for Santa’s chest and legs, while his familiar hat, belt, and boots complete the frame and create a unique and eye-catching design.

3. Thankful Splatter T-Shirt

What makes this holiday great? Remembering to spread gratitude, of course!

The simple yet eye-catching design makes this beautiful t-shirt an excellent addition to any fall-toned outfit. The word ‘thankful’ is displayed in an elegant, wispy font, on a large, white cloud among a sky of golden yellow. There’s nothing that’s better suited for getting into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Perfect for Fall

It's Fall Y'all V-Neck

1. It's Fall Y'all V-Neck

Are you excited for the fall season? Are you ready to welcome in the cooler weather, the warmer colors, and a hot cocoa by the fire?

Welcome in the season with this cute v-neck tee and you’ll be the unofficial fall crier. It features quieter autumn colors, fun and bold fonts, and an adorable, little pumpkin for good measure.

Skeleton Peace Halloween Sweatshirt

2. Skeleton Peace Halloween Sweatshirt

Fall plays host to many of the best holidays, including the spookiest day of the year! This fun sweatshirt features a white, skeletal hand displaying the familiar “peace” gesture on a field of black. The cute mixture of Halloween and cultural iconography makes for a shirt that’s a perfect fit, all season long.

3. Thankful Splatter T-Shirt

What makes this season great? Remembering to spread gratitude, of course!

The simple yet eye-catching design makes this beautiful t-shirt an excellent addition to any fall-toned outfit. The word ‘thankful’ is displayed in an elegant, wispy font, on a large, white cloud among a sky of golden yellow. There’s nothing that’s better suited for getting into the seasonal spirit.

Thanksgiving Holiday Clothing

Gobble Gobble Ya'll Thanksgiving T-Shirt

1. Gobble Gobble Y'all Thanksgiving T-Shirt

One of the most celebrated characteristics of this holiday is sharing dinner with our friends, family, and loved ones. Fortunately, this t-shirt is equal parts cute, apt, and creative.

It features an adorable turkey enveloped by the fun fonts and colors, some bright and some seasonal, that form its favorite, famous phrase. In a humbler font beneath, it greets your friends and family with a polite “ya’ll” so they know this turkey is from Texas!

Gobble Till you wobble Splatter T-Shirt

2. Gobble Till you Wobble Splatter T-Shirt

Sticking with our favorite fowl’s characteristic catchphrase, this t-shirt features a similar splatter pattern to our Thankful Splatter t-shirt above. The coloring, however, is a bit more subdued, but still very seasonal. Displayed on the large, white island in the middle is a funny phrase that’s a perfect fit for Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Tis the Season Raw Edge V-Neck

For many, some hallmarks of the season include pumpkins, pumpkin-spiced everything, watching a football game with the family, and enjoying the changing of the leaves. With this v-neck t-shirt, you can remind everyone what it is that you love about the fall season.

It borrows the phrase “‘Tis the season” from Christmass, and displays it in all-caps resting atop some familiar iconography: a pumpkin, a football, a cup of pumpkin spiced latte, and a maple leaf.

Christmas Holiday Clothing

Christmas Holiday Clothing

1. Festive Santa Christmas T-Shirt

How can you have a Christmas wardrobe without at least one piece that features the familiar facade of Santa himself?

The name of this t-shirt tells you everything you need to know: Santa is here, and he’s feeling festive. He dominates the green field of the t-shirt with his bushy mustache, flowing beard, and his recognizable hat in a red-and-black plaid pattern. Surreptitiously tucked into his snow-white beard is his famous phrase in a fine, rolling script.

Nutcracker Noel Christmas T-Shirt

2. Nutcracker Noel Christmas T-Shirt

Christmas boasts an abundance of iconography that instantly calls to mind the hap-happiest season of all. Two of the most popular Christmas icons comprise the fun design that commands this festive tee shirt.

The word ‘NOEL’ is divided into two lines and is composed of popular, seasonal patterns. A cute, little Christmas tree hides in the cradle of the ‘L,’ and a stoic nutcracker stands guard to support the ‘N.’ Furthermore, this shirt is perfect for matching with your kids because youth sizes are available as well!

3. Hello Santa Raglan

This playful raglan tee reminds us of the classic Christmas song by Eartha Kitt. It features the word ‘hello’ in an elegant script above St. Nick’s nickname, which is shaded in both his characteristic red and in an eye-catching, leopard print.

Find Your Next Favorite Holiday T-Shirt at Tees2UrDoor

Fall is here and, soon, the holiday season will greet us merrily. At Tees2UrDoor, we recognize how exhausting it can be to find the best gifts for your friends, family, and self. If you want more ideas for the best holiday clothing, contact our team today.