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How to Earn Rewards for Buying Your Favorite T-Shirts

How to Earn Rewards for Buying Your Favorite T-Shirts

Jul 2nd 2021

You love our graphic tees, but did you know you can earn points for your purchases? T2D Royal Perks makes it easy for you to earn points just for buying your favorite T-shirts, accessories, and fashion items, and it’s easy to redeem your points to save on future purchases. Depending on your tier, you could end up with other exclusive rewards like early access to events and sales and higher point earnings.

Earn Points When You Buy Our T-Shirts and Fashion Clothing

You’re already going to buy that stylish graphic T-shirt, so why not earn rewards points while doing so? With T2D perks, you can earn points on any order. Whether it’s our new A Smile is Contagious T-Shirt, a customizable Heart Pattern Monogram Raglan, or a trendy Savannah Sheer Cardigan, you’ll earn points!

The number of points you earn per order depends on your rewards tier. We currently have three tiers: Duchess, Princess, and Queen. You’ll start off on our Duchess tier, where you will earn 1 Royal Perk for every $1 spent. Once you spend $110, you’ll go up to our Princess tier and earn 2 Royal Perks for every dollar spent plus sneak peeks at new products and a $15 credit. The Queen tier is reached after you’ve spent $275. This tier is for our most loyal customers, and you will earn 3 Royal Perks for every $1 spent on an order, receive a $25 credit, and gain early access to sales. The more you shop, the more rewards you get!

Earn Points By Sharing to Social Media

Shopping isn’t the only way you can earn Royal Perks. You can earn rewards points for sharing to social media, following us on Instagram and Twitter, and liking us on Facebook. You even get points just for celebrating a birthday! It’s really that easy, and we don’t limit how many points you can earn.

Use Your Royal Perks Points to Save on Future Orders

Our Royal Perks are as easy to redeem as they are to earn. You can redeem points on almost any order. The only exception is if you are using a promotional coupon code. When you’re logged into your account, you will see a prompt during checkout asking if you want to spend your Royal Perks. There will be a list of options available based on how many points you’ve saved up. Points expire after 365 days, so don’t wait to use them!

Redeem Points When You Shop T2D HotBuy

You can’t combine your Royal Perks with coupon codes, which makes our HotBuy even better. HotBuys are great deals we offer on our most popular graphic tees—no coupon code needed. This selection is constantly changing, so you always have new, discounted options to choose from. Combine Royal Perks with T2D HotBuy picks for huge savings.

Sign Up for Our Royal Perks Program Today

You automatically receive 200 points just for joining our Royal Perks program! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up in minutes and start earning points right away. If you have any questions or run into issues while signing up, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.