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How to Order Custom Team Shirts for Boys and Girls

Nov 1st 2017

Custom Team ShirtsYou can order a customized shirt for your team directly from Tees2UrDoor’s website. Depending on the type of t-shirt you choose, you can personalize it with an initial monogram and for an additional cost, get a customized print on the back along with a player’s number.

It’s really all about what kind of team shirt you’re looking for. Tees2UrDoor has a wide selection of shirts you can purchase in bulk that you can receive at your doorstep in 1-2 business days after the order is processed. However, if you’re looking for a specific kind of look for your team and you haven’t found it in our online inventory, then we invite you to design your own custom team shirt. Whether you’re trying to clothe an all-girl or boy’s team, our company has what you’re looking for.

Types of Team T-Shirts You Can Design From

· Short sleeve
· Long sleeve
· V-Neck
· Sweatshirts
· Hoodies
· Tank top

¾ sleeve raglans

All of these t-shirt selections will cover any kind of sport. Purchase practice and game day shirts.

Designing your own team shirt has never been so easy. Customize them any way you want. Choose the style and color t-shirt on our website. Our website will show you exactly how your team shirt will look before placing your order.

How it Works

You will have the option of selecting the type of shirt you want for your team, the color, and you’ll be able to choose exactly where you want your personalized text to go! Furthermore, we provide you with the option of uploading your own logo to really make your team shirt authentic. You can also select from our library of clip art that includes graphics and clever slogans that are sure to boost team spirit.

Customize the Clipart

With any of the clipart you select, you’ll also be given creativity to deconstruct every layer of the graphic and customize the art by changing the color and even doing away with what you don’t like. You can’t mess this up! Our user-friendly software is designed to guide you through the creative process in an efficient manner that is satisfactory for you.

Before placing your order, you will be able to verify exactly what your team shirt is going to look like. There should be no surprises because you are the designer! You will also have room to add a note to our processing department about your customized order.

Customer Service is Always Standing By

Of course, if you need any assistance, our professional customer service staff is always standing by to answer any questions that you may have regarding your order.

Using Tees2UrDoor’s Design Your Own T-Shirt functionality is fun and easy. There is a minimum order of 12 t-shirts for such orders like this. All orders are processed and manufactured in-house at our facility in Nederland, Texas, right here in the United States! Call us today at 877-245-0492 or ask us a question online.