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Let's Meet... Averie!

Jun 23rd 2020

What is your position here at T2D?

Model, verifier, and help in Research and Development.  

Out of all our products which is your T2D essential?

My T2D essential would have to be our Every Time Basic Leggings and an oversized graphic tee.

What are you currently watching?

Grey’s Anatomy and Outer Banks

Do you have a skincare routine? If yes, what is it?

Yes!! I wash my face with a cleanser, on Sundays exfoliate, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, lip mask (day and night). I store all of my skin care products in my skin care fridge. Not only does a skin care fridge extend the life time of your beauty products, it also decreases the chance of bacteria forming due to high temperatures.

Tell me something like a fun fact or hobby no one knows about you.

I have a starbucks addiction!! If you don’t see me with pom poms in my hands I’m most definitely carrying my fav starbucks drink! Another fun fact, although I'm a cheerleader I’m extremely clumsy! I trip at least 5 times a day. I might look graceful on social media but behind the scenes I’m constantly tripping and stumbling!

Tell us a goal you have for yourself.

I’m currently about to start my Junior year of High School and have big goals ahead of me! I’m working toward graduating top of my class (top %1) and attending one of the top schools in the US. Hook’em!