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Personalized Snap Bracelets and Jewelry: The Perfect Accessory

Personalized Snap Bracelets and Jewelry: The Perfect Accessory

May 31st 2019

Every person wants to find jewelry that suits their personality. Sometimes that personality can be quirky, showing a love of sports or fantasy writing. Our likes and tastes can change over time, or with the season. They may love basketball in the winter, or volleyball in the summer. Or they decide that the Greek chimeras are better than English dragons.

Even so, it can be hard to find affordable accessories that complement our personalities. Many adults have to budget for a fun night out, which means that a tennis bracelet or diamond stud may very well break the bank. These accessories are also not as customizable, or flexible to adjust for daily wear.

You want to look stylish. At the same time, you want to look great for special occasions while establishing your identity. The right piece of jewelry can make a difference in their appearance for a formal event, especially as fashion keeps changing. We have the answer: snap button bracelets.

Leather Snap BraceletSnap Bracelets

A snap bracelet is a band that uses a snap button as a fastener. They are meant for comfort and customization; some bracelets allow the wearers to switch out the fastener for another. The new snaps are like charms, and they can accommodate for wrist length. In place of costly jewels, adults can wear snap button bracelets and look fabulous with their interchangeable charms. As a result, they can become custom, and you will have a fun piece of jewelry for special occasions.

Tees2urdoor focuses on creating bracelets that are fun, elegant and safe for use. The leather snap charm bracelets come in red, brown, or black. You can wear these to formal functions, as well as when walking the dog, going out for a quick cup of coffee, or picking up the kids from school, and add personality with unique accessories. The flexibility and customization can make all the difference when we manage our time and money accordingly.

snap jewelry snaps

Pearls and Leather, and More

If leather is not the material of choice for bigger wrists, we also have a pearl snap bracelet, that also focuses on simple elegance. With separate custom snaps, these interchangeable snap bracelets can fit on your arms and legs if you want to add some luxury to your daily look. A little bit of luxury can brighten our routine, especially at a great price.

We also prioritize giving you the ability to personalize their snap bracelets. In addition to our leather and pearl bracelets, we also offer custom snap buttons, that feature all the alphabet’s letters as well as eighteen different symbols. You can show your baseball passion with one snap bracelet charm. These charms are interchangeable so the wearer can change the bracelets as they see fit.

Fun Jewelry for You

We at Tees2urdoor want to provide the perfect accessory for your daily and evening wear. Snap bracelets are a good value for their price, convenient, and comfortable. You also have hundreds of combinations; reach out to us today to find out what’s right for you.