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Quarantine Gift Ideas To Send Your Loved Ones

Quarantine Gift Ideas To Send Your Loved Ones

May 6th 2020

Due to the recent pandemic, everyone is staying home and practicing social distancing. This does not mean however that we can’t take the opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care by sending them quarantine gifts. At Tees2UrDoor, we want to support you during these strange times. We have put together this quarantine gift guide in case you get inspired and wish to gift your loved one a graphic tee. Explore our wide selection of quarantine gift ideas below!

Personalized Gifts To Include In Your Quarantine Care Package

Leopard Robe

Quarantine Gift Ideas To Send Your Loved Ones

Since we’re all staying in, this Leopard Robe is the perfect quarantine gift. Send this silky smooth Leopard Robe to your best friend so she can feel comfortable and look cute during the lockdown. There is nothing better than rolling out of bed, slipping on a robe, making some coffee, and lounging around the home. Quarantine like a boss in our luxurious Leopard Robe.

You Were Made To Be Awesome T-Shirt

Quarantine Gift Ideas To Send Your Loved Ones

Some days you need a little “pick me up”, a little something to give you more energy and make you feel a little better. If you know your friend is having a hard time during quarantine send this t-shirt straight to their door to brighten up their day. Once they read the content on the front of the shirt they will feel 100% more awesome!

Grace and Hustle DIY T-Shirt

Quarantine Gift Ideas To Send Your Loved Ones

Send your friends or family members this unique gift. This t-shirt inspires creativity and self-worth. Experiment and try bleaching this t-shirt by putting regular bleach in a spray bottle and spraying right in the center to reveal its full message. You will feel so proud of yourself for gaining a new skill plus turn the quarantine boredom into amusement, entertainment, and enjoyment.

If your friend is having a quarantine birthday and you would like to give them a birthday gift or you are looking for the right Mother’s Day gift, send them this Grace and Hustle DIY t-shirt! They will simply love it!

I’m a Savage T-Shirt

Quarantine Gift Ideas To Send Your Loved Ones

If your bestie loves the trending “Savage” song by Megan Thee Stallion then they will absolutely adore this witty t-shirt. Customized gifts like this one can turn anyone’s day around. Personalized gifts just prove to the person that you know them and care for them. Bring a smile to your friend and send them this tee straight to their door!

Tees To Put In Quarantine Care Packages From Tees2UrDoor!

Wondering what to put in that care package or quarantine gift box you want to send to your loved ones? Browse through our wide selection of quarantine tees and you might just get inspired! We have created a whole collection of t-shirts so you can send one to your friends and family so that they feel the love! Not sure which one to choose? You can never go wrong with a gift card.
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