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Simple Secrets You Need to Totally Rock Your Custom Hat

Jul 29th 2016

Hats never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean they are always “in” either. Let’s just say they are judged on a case-by-case basis. There is a wide selection of hat styles out there. And new ones appear all the time. Certain styles of hats can be found anywhere you go, for example: snapbacks, baseball caps, bucket hats and beanies. While other hats are prevalent in specific areas, such as: wide-brimmed sun hats for the beach and ski caps for cold climates. Whatever the occasion or activity, there is bound to be a hat for it. Sometimes hats don’t even serve a purpose—they are just there to “complete” the look. But, hey, we’re not complaining.

Tees2UrDoor sells a wide assortment of hats, including: customizable monogram hats, sports caps, bucket hats and fashionable bejeweled toppers. As a proud supplier of custom hats, Tees2UrDoor has a few tips to give hat-lovers… Read on!

Secret #1: Use a Hat to Complete Your Look

Hats are boys’ accessories, right? Of course you know we’re going to say: “No Way!” More than ever, women are embracing hats: sun hats for the beach, baseball caps at sporting events, big fancy hats for upscale sporting events and bejeweled caps for everyday wear. If you like to wear hats, our #1 piece of advice is to use a hat to complete an outfit. Coordinate the colors of your hat with your clothes, wear a printed hat with plain-colored clothing, or wear a men’s hat with menswear—ladies we’re talking to you! Just don’t rely on a hat to completely finish your look. Your outfit should look good on its own. A hat should only make it better.

Secret #2: Don’t be Afraid to Dress it up

Although hats are great for lazy days (see below), don’t be afraid to wear jewelry, nice clothes or makeup with a hat! There are many styles of hats out there that deserve to be dressed up. For example, bejeweled hats are a great addition to any outfit and can really dress up casual attire. Next time you get dressed for the day, consider adding a hat to your look!

Secret #3: Remember: a Hat is the Perfect Lazy Day Accessory

One of the best qualities hats have is that they generally protect people’s faces from the sun and harmful ultraviolet rays. So when it’s a no makeup day or you plan on being out in the sun for a long period of time, contemplate wearing a hat! They are a great accessory and help hide your face when you want to be protected from the sun or remain a little incognito.

Secret #4: Let Your Hair Down

Our final advice to hat-wearers out there is to never be afraid to let your hair down. There is no written law that states: “all hats must be worn with a ponytail or bun”. Have fun with it! And maybe try wearing one backwards too?

Tees2UrDoor Has a Hat For Everyone

Tees2UrDoor supplies a number of stylish and practical customizable hat options. For example, our collection includes:

• Vintage Faded Monogram Hat
o Available in an array of colors
o Customizable with individual monograms
o Made from 100% cotton twill
o Features a leather strap and antique brass buckle
• Adidas Collegiate Heather Cap
o Comes in a multitude of colors
• Baseball Hats, Bucket Caps and Bejeweled Hats

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