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T-Shirt Buying Guide: How To Order Customizable T-Shirts In Bulk

Jun 21st 2016

When you buy a lot of anything, you expect to get a great price. So when you’re buying a lot of t-shirts, you shouldn’t expect anything different. Tees2UrDoor is the place to buy large orders of customizable quality t-shirts.

Anything and Everything

If you’re looking to buy a bulk order of t-shirts for your hometown team, school or organization, look no further. Tees2UrDoor supplies t-shirts made of high-quality material and top-of-the-line ink at a low cost so you can easily buy a large quantity of t-shirts without breaking the bank.

All of our designs and printing is done in house, which lowers the cost of manufacturing t-shirts. If you order more than $75 worth of product, we will give you free shipping on your entire order.

Sports Teams, Band and Hometown Pride

It’s not just a small town thing. Every person wants to be proud of where they went to school and what sports they played. It feels great to be able to show off where you attended school and what organizations or teams you were a part of. It sets you a part from the crowd while bringing you together with the people that are a part of the same group.
Tees2UrDoor wants to help your organization and team achieve that feeling of pride and belonging. If you are in need of t-shirts for a large group of people, we offer great products at affordable prices.

Many of our t-shirts are available in various colors, so you can choose which color works best for your team or organization. We supply products specifically made for band, baseball, cheerleading, dance, football, racing, soccer, softball, swim, track and volleyball.

We have a number of t-shirts with designs on them already. Names or numbers can be added to them. Otherwise, we offer customizable options, in which team names, numbers and last names can be added to meet individual needs. Moreover, we supply clothing and accessories that can be monogrammed for personalization.

Comfort For Everybody at an Affordable Price

The best thing about t-shirts is that they are comfortable. If you order t-shirts in bulk, your entire team or organization will feel like they are apart of something and can be proud of that fact. Whether it is a baseball team, cheerleading squad, band or fan section of the local high school football team—having matching t-shirts help people feel a part of something.

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All of our tees are manufactured in and delivered from our facility in Texas. We use the latest automatic machinery technology to ensure all of our products meet our quality control standards.

If you or someone you know is need of a high quantity of t-shirts or other customizable products for a large group, check out Tees2UrDoor today. You can take a look at all of our products on our website. If you have any inquiries, you can give us a call at 877-245-0492 or fill out our online contact form.