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The 5 Best Work From Home Outfit Ideas

The 5 Best Work From Home Outfit Ideas

May 10th 2021

If you're looking for comfy outfits for home study or telecommuting, then look no further. With so many people transitioning into a home office space, you'll want to consider investing in some new work from home wardrobe essentials and we've made sure to put together a list of those that will make it easier than ever to get into the spirit of being your own boss.

We asked around for some favorite work from home outfits from everyone atTees2urdoor. The stylists came up with the following top five.

Work From Home Outfits For Video Calls

1. Hello My Name is V-Neck

Teachers who are holding class over Zoom or another video app might consider this customizable working from home t-shirt to be one of the funniest. It makes it look as though you're wearing a huge "my name is blank" tag.

This is a jocular reference to what you might have worn on the first day of school if you had actually been able to hold class in person. It's a soft spun cotton shirt that's perfect for wearing around the house.

2. I Love My Class a Waffle Teacher

This 100 percent cotton pre-shrunk chocolate colored shirt is another great pick for teachers, especially those who work from home and don't mind sharing a meal in front of the camera. It's got a nice big graphic design that should work great on almost any kind of video feed.

3. Hard Core T-Shirt

Not every teacher is hardcore, but that doesn't mean you can't be hard core! This fun play on words stretches out across the front of the shirt, which has a design that features a traditional teacher's apple that appears to have a camo color pattern inside.

Just the placement of a single space is enough to make this joke work. The overall green hue helps to drive the idea home even more. It's another great pick for those who have to telecommute via Zoom or Skype.

4. Basic Capri Leggings

You're going to need to get more than just shirts if you're looking for work from home wardrobe essentials, so make sure to grab a pair of comfy Capri pants. Chances are that you wouldn't have been able to wear whatever you wanted when you were still in a traditional workplace.

Remote work is a rare opportunity to pick out comfortable bottoms like these. They're quite stretchy and breathable as a result of being made from 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex.

5. Make Everyday Earth Day

A number of conservationists have suggested that working from home can be seen as a great way to save some energy, since you're not having to drive to work. You can celebrate this fact with this 90/10 blended athletic heather short sleeve shirt. It's comfortable and features a design that reminds people to make every day Earth Day. It comes in sizes from AS-4XL, so you shouldn't have any difficulty picking one that fits just right for all day wearing no matter when you choose to put it on.

Prepare For Your Next Zoom Call With Outfits From Tees2urdoor

Are you ready for your next Zoom meeting? Tees2urdoor has great outfit inspiration to brighten your day. Look great while remaining energized.

For more ideas about how to put together comfy outfits for home, make sure to contact us online today. Start working with joy, and with style using Tees2urdoor’s fashion choices.