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The Anatomy of a Great Custom Monogram Design

Oct 14th 2016

“Stop monogramming everything you own!” Said no one ever. Have you had a monogram intervention yet? Or are you just catching on to the craze that has swept high school and college campuses across the nation? Monograms are a stylish and modern way to leave your mark. The idea of the monogram is pretty simple. It consists of a person’s first, last and middle initials arranged in an appealing font or shape.

In the abyss of the Internet, you can find a monogram for just about anything. For example, you can find monogrammed jewelry and car decals, or monogrammed embroidery patterns for clothing and household items. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s out there. But did you know how much thought and precision goes into the design of a monogram? Each monogram follows a pattern, but there are so many options to choose from. Let’s learn more…

Monograms Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

There are many possible monogram designs out there that you might have the opportunity to choose from. Not every monogram comprises of humongous curlicue letters. You can choose from a multitude of font styles and shapes for your monogram. A few of the most common shapes for monograms include:

• Circle
• Block
• Diamond
• Fishtail Letters
• Vine (curlicue)
• Stacked
• 2 Letter circle
• Double Square
• Circle Outline
• Shape—such as a whale, anchor or star
• Quarter Foil
• Design—such as an American Flag print or flowery print

Beyond shape, there are also a number of fonts that you can choose for your monogram design. Monograms are available in fancy script writing, while others are more modern and straight fonts. Depending on who you are and the purpose of your monogram, the style and shape you choose will vary.

Choosing the Letters for Your Monogram

Monograms are personal to you or the person you buy one for; therefore, there is no reason you cannot choose the letters you want for a monogram you purchase. However, there are a number of monogram styles you can decide from. For example, there is the traditional monogram which consists of a person’s first, last and middle initials—in that order. The last name initial is typically bigger than the other initials. People can also choose to have their initials in sequential order, so: first, middle, and then last name initial. With this design, all of the letters are the same size.

Moreover, monograms are not just for one person. Lately something called the “Married Monogram” has become popular. It is a monogram for married couples and consists of a couple’s first name initials with their same last name initial in the center of the design.

If you aren’t sure how to choose the letters for your monogram, reach out to Tees2UrDoor today. We would be happy to help you figure out what is best for your purchase.

Are You Ready For Your Monogram?

The best part about a monogram is that it tells a story. A monogram shows the world who you are and that you are proud of it! If you are ready to find the monogram perfect for your wardrobe, check out Tees2UrDoor’s website today. We supply a wide variety of monogrammable t-shirts, dresses and accessories. Contact us with any questions by calling 877-245-0492 or by filling out our online contact form.