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​Top 3 Selling Basketball Shirts for Boys and Girls

​Top 3 Selling Basketball Shirts for Boys and Girls

Jan 6th 2021

There’s nothing like the enthusiasm and excitement kids get once they’re finally old enough to start playing sports. Among boys and girls, basketball is certainly a favorite among kids in the United States, and this is a trend that will become more prominent over the next few years.

With the NBA season starting right around Christmas in 2020, young basketball fans have a lot to look forward to in 2021, and we cannot ignore the growing popularity of the WNBA, which is gaining a strong reputation of being an extremely competitive league. According to statistics compiled by the Aspen Institute, about 4.2 million kids were involved in organized basketball team activities in 2018; this figure is higher than the participation rates of soccer and American football combined.

Affordable Basketball Shirts For Boys and Girls

At Tees2urdoor, we sell a wide array of adorable, spirited basketball shirts perfect for kids of all ages who love showing their love for the game. Whether you’re looking for a custom shirt or just a beautiful graphic tee, you can find it all here on our website, including the best-sellers we will describe below.

Our three best-selling garments for basketball lovers include:

Top 3 Selling Basketball Shirts for Boys and Girls

Monogram basketball t-shirt.

With over 20 colors to choose from, this basketball monogram tee can be customized to feature one of your child’s favorite colors and their 3 letter initials. These shirts even showcase a traditional orange basketball graphic in the shape of a heart to highlight just how much your child loves playing the sport. With sizes ranging from youth extra small to adult options even as well, you can find the perfect fit for your son or daughter from Tees2UrDoor. Plus, if you ever have an upcoming kid’s birthday party and aren’t sure what to get, know that monogram shirts of all types always make wonderful gifts!

These monogram shirts are pre-shrunk and can be accessorized with vintage monogram hats that feature glitter details for girls.

Game Day Y’all t-shirt

Girls love to wear clothes that allow them to express themselves and their individuality. If your daughter enjoys playing basketball, then this cute Game Day tee is a must-have item for her. The grey shirt features the word ‘GAME’ being spelled out in an attractive basketball graphic design and fun, floral print spelling out ‘DAY.’ With sizes ranging from YS to adult 5X, both you and your daughter can even opt to match as well. Other noteworthy features of this tee include the ability to customize it to feature your daughter’s name and/or number on the back in bold black text

Other versions of game day t-shirts in our catalog include long sleeves and larger sizes for extra comfort. These are cotton jersey knit garments ideal for cooler days.

For the Love of the Game Basketball T-Shirt

This new basketball tee on our website is quickly becoming a favorite. The ash-colored 100% cotton fabric of this short-sleeved shirt guarantees a nice and comfortable fit. The slogan is printed on trendy lettering with various patterns. This stylish t-shirt is sure to become an essential item in your child’s wardrobe right away. It’s great for wear at school, at home, and on the court. Parents who attend their children’s games can also wear this garment to support their young players.

for the love of the game basketball t shirt

Basketball Graphic T-Shirts For Girls

Many of our graphic t-shirts are perfect for girls who are passionate about basketball. Our “Love Basketball” t-shirt, for example, features “LOVE” lettering with a heart graphic encasing an orange basketball texture.

Girls Basketball Shirts

Another feminine basketball t-shirt in our catalog is “Pray Hard. Play Hard,” which features cute lettering with pink highlights. As you browse through our catalog, you will find that we have a few other stylish basketball garments with feminine designs.

Boys Basketball Shirts

One of our most popular basketball t-shirts is perfect for boys’ teams that play in community leagues. The distressed basketball t-shirt features traditional gray cotton, a stylish logo, and custom options such as team name on the front and player number on the back. When you need to come up with a quick team uniform solution, this t-shirt will not let you down.

Shop Basketball Graphic T-Shirts For Kids At Tees2UrDoor

Let Your Kids Show their Love for the Game with Basketball Shirts from Tees2UrDoor. As a local manufacturing company based right here in Texas, we always have a wide array of t-shirts in stock here at Tees2UrDoor. We are committed to delivering you the highest quality products at low, everyday prices that individuals of all income levels can afford. We professionally print all our products in our state-of-the-art facility and strive to ship all our products as quickly as possible – even for custom orders. You can order any of our great basketball tees today right on our website, and you can also contact our office in case you have any questions.