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Top 5 Patriotic T-Shirts for Memorial Day

Top 5 Patriotic T-Shirts for Memorial Day

Apr 20th 2021

Anybody hosting a Memorial Day function or heading to any sort of ceremony honoring those who came before needs something that's suitable for the situation. Some of these ceremonies are naturally going to be pretty formal. For all of the casual Memorial Day cookouts and parties you'll certainly want to grab a cool casual shirt for the occasion.

Take a look at these picks from the Tees2urdoor catalog. See which will serve as your outfit for the special day.

Our Pick Of Patriotic T-Shirts

1. Sporty USA Patriotic T-Shirt

Sporty USA Patriotic T-Shirt

While Memorial Day is usually associated with racing more than any other sport, this athletic heather shirt is perfect for any kind of activity. For that matter, you might even want to just wear it to your special Memorial Day cookout.

The Sporty USA features a seamless 1x1 rib collar as well as shoulder-to-shoulder taping coupled with double-needle stitches to make it especially durable. That's good news for anyone who plans to engage in a little sporty fun on their day off.

2. Vintage Stars and Stripes Tongue V-Neck

Vintage Stars and Stripes Tongue V-Neck

This maroon and white v-neck knit blend jersey is a great way to bring a retro vibe to any Memorial Day party. On one hand, it features a design that calls to mind a certain classic rock band. Ironically, they weren't even from America.

On the other, however, the central tongue design is done out in a red, white and blue color scheme. That's really going to look perfect over the holiday.

3. Retro Freedom V-Neck

Retro Freedom V-Neck

This soft classic knit blend shirt is available in sizes AS-5XL, which is good news because many people are going to want it. The sleeve area is blue with a white body.

With the color, Retro Freedom looks like many of the favorites that people might have worn on Memorial Day around the original Bicentennial celebration. The chest graphic is written in a font that really calls those classic celebrations to mind.

4. Leopard Stars and Stripes Tongue Raglan

Leopard Stars and Stripes Tongue Raglan

Any fan of fashion may love that tongue design but wanted it to look a little funkier. Designers can add an even more elaborate flair.

The leopard print addition doesn't take away from the patriotic swag that this shirt boats, but it still adds quite a fun feeling to it. That helps to make this raglan a great pick for those who want to be a little more forward and adventurous on Memorial Day without sacrificing too much in the way of tradition.

5. USA Stars and Leopard Stripes

USA Stars and Leopard Stripes

Anyone who would like to compromise and have a little leopard print in with their more traditional-looking red tee should take a look at this shirt. The large graphic on the front is made to look like a map of the lower 48 states.

While the Stars and Leopard Stripes shirt incorporates the flag into its design, it also has some funky leopard-themed lines in there as though they were the stripes on it. If you're someone who likes just a little bit of flair along with their patriotic representation, then this one already has your name on it.

Don Your Stars And Stripes With Tees2UrDoor

Tees2urdoor wants to outfit you for any occasion. All of our apparel is made with high-quality material, and attention to detail.

For more patriotic ideas, feel free to contact Tees2urdoor online today. We are ready to get you decked in red, ride and blue while looking stylish.