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Top Monogrammed Dresses for Girls

Top Monogrammed Dresses for Girls

May 16th 2019

The Fine Print

Monogrammed Dresses for GirlsYou want your kids to look their best, in their cleanest or cutest clothes. When they step into the world, you want people to see the sparkle in their eyes and the joy in their gait. The right outfit can make all the difference.

Kids also love clothing that reflects who they are. For girls, especially, they receive conflicting messages from adults on who they should be. Giving a baby girl, toddler or preteen the choice to define who they are can make all the difference in confidence.

Monogram clothing can help you with that. Girls can use monograms to stand out in the crowd, and let us know that they own their dresses. They can say that they know who they are, and no one will tell them otherwise. We have the best to spark a healthy self-image.

What is A Monogram?

A monogram is a set of letters meant to create a visual symbol. In history, royal monograms would be printed on coins or police badges, so that everyone knew who served the queen and king.

Monograms today appear on stamps, clothing, or luggage. They are designed as works of art, to help the person they represent stand out and become memorable with a few letters. While other brands offer this personalization, we can deliver more value for affordable monogrammed children’s clothing. Our priority is your girls’ confidence and joy. We provide top-quality clothing, such as monogrammed shirts, dresses, and accessories.

Our Monogrammed Dresses

At Tees2urdoor, we want to be your top monogram store. We started out by printing custom clothing for local teams, but now we want to design the perfect symbol for your girl.

Our dresses will make her feel proud, strong, and independent, as she should be. Originally priced at $33.25, the dresses now $12 and great quality for the price with over forty options for monogram colors.

With summer approaching the end of May, we recommend the Monogram Strappy Dress for days spent playing outside or running on the beach. The smocked dresses, with a classic figure that pleats in the middle, come in black or aquamarine, perfect colors for the outdoors.

Girls can use them to cover up swimsuits as they walk from the car to the water, or to stroll along the sand and marvel at the horizon. A monogram on the skirt will billow in the wind, with a unique style.

If you want a straightforward, athletic dress that can double as a shirt with some pants, the Monogram Racerback Dress is another option for hot days. Deck out in white for the dog days of summer, or keep black for the trips spent at museums and movie theaters. Your girl’s monogram is emblazoned in front, where the world can see.

Get The Perfect Match From Tees2UrDoor

Choose your best dress today, or tell us the outfit you want to emblazon with your girls’ initials, whether it’s smocked dresses at wholesale price or a personalized gift. Contact us today!