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Personalized Dog T-Shirts and Accessories

We know that feeling of primal joy: when we see a basket of puppies sleeping, when a beagle walking down the street comes towards us, or when we watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet and root for Team Ruff or Fluff. These furry friends are remarkable because they have our attention and affection.

Dogs are a prevalent part of our lives and pop culture. Lassie became an icon of dogs that will do anything to save their human. Snoopy won our hearts from Peanuts by facing down the Red Baron in various comic strips. Old Yeller taught Disney to never kill the long-eared buddies at the end of the reel.

That is why at Tees2urdoor, we have the perfect dog merchandise to honor your canine friends and the people who own them. Often it can be hard to find good-quality socks or shirts that encapsulate our unconditional love.

All The Dogs

We have a history with luxury and common dogs that dates back 13,000 years, according to archaeology experts. Our ancestors domesticated dogs, played with them, bred new species and even gave them funerals. They also painted them and made special armor for them for battle.

Our canine friends inspire love. And for a good reason; dogs don’t judge if we are late to work, or if we forgot to bring the newspaper in from the front porch. They don’t care if the Boston Red Sox lost another baseball game. All they care about is us because their humans are their entire world.

That’s why we take care of dogs because they need us. And we need them. Maybe we don’t use them to hunt for badgers or herd sheep, but we need our canines. They love us and warn us against danger.

What Tees2urdoor Brings With The Leash

Do you want reminders in the kitchen of why you love your dog, without having them jump around everywhere? The Dog Kitchen Towel will assist with keeping your kitchen clean and your puppy feels close. One hundred percent cotton and machine washable, choose from one of 36 breeds to greet you every day. When your puppy causes a spill, this towel will remind you why you keep training him or her to be better every day.

What if your mom, mom friend, or other dog lover enjoys canines isn’t afraid to flaunt it? This Personalized Dog Mom T-Shirt is perfect for any woman that has rescued a canine. Choose three shirt colors, a dog breed, and arrange paw prints around names and designated human titles. Enter as many names as you’d like!

How about when you need to keep your feet warm because your canines are pressing their wet noses to your legs? We have the right Dog Lover Socks for the occasion. Cover your feet in any dog breed and stay toasty during cuddle time.

Find Out More

Do you want to find out more about our products? Or do you have a suggestion about what you or the canine lover may adore wearing or display? We want to find out what we can provide you, for your female and male dogs.

Contact us today to learn what products will make you and your pets go “Fetch!” Or let us know what you want to find on your t-shirt or socks, whether it’s paw prints or a photo of your favorite breed.

  • Personalized Dog Mom T-Shirt Product Image

    Personalized Dog Mom T-Shirt

    Woof, woof, our personalized DOG MOM Shirt is the first for the Tees2urdoor collection and a one of a kind for all the dog and puppy lovers! Choose your dog breed, what you are... Mama, Mom, Meme, Dad, Trainer, Groomer or whatever you can imagine in...
  • Dog Kitchen Towel

    Dog Kitchen Towel

    What dog lover wouldn't adore this kitchen towel Available in 36 dog breeds 100% Cotton, Absorbent Machine washable Permanent printing, fade resistant Towels measure 18" x26" All you need is...Love, and your dog. This adorable kitchen towel is...
  • Dog Lover Socks Product Image

    Dog Lover Socks

    These adorable dog socks were made for the dog lover in you Available in 35 different dog breeds 65% Cotton, 25% Polyurethane, and 10% Polyester Machine wash cold, tumble dry medium heat, do not bleach Sizing Hint: One size fits most Show how much you...
  • Dog Notepad Product Image

    Dog Notepad

    These Dog Notepads are perfect for any dog lover Magnetic Available in 36 different dog breeds Measures 5" Perfect for reminders, calendar notes, homework notes, name tags, and much more!
  • Soft Dog Pillow Product Image

    Soft Dog Pillow

    This super soft dog pillow is is over the top in cuteness Available in 24 different dog breeds 100% Polyester Measures 15" Hand wash with mild detergent and lay flat to dry These make excellent gifts for all your dog-owning friends and family...