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Fall has officially begun! The leaves turn yellow and the weather gets a little cooler which means we can finally cover ourselves up with comfy sweaters and drink pumpkin spice lattes. Tees2UrDoor loves creating and designing outerwear especially to go with the season's fashion trends. We have created this line utilizing flannel fabric so you can adjust nicely to fall weather.

Flannel Jackets And Ponchos

Ponchos are very versatile and make an essential addition to your closet. Once you purchase one today you will wonder how you lived all your life without it. You can wear them as you transition from Summer to Fall.

During this period the weather is always unpredictable; it may be very warm during the day but suddenly drop at night to very cold temperatures. Ponchos are great especially during these times because you can throw them on easily and be warm quickly. They won’t wrinkle if you throw them into your bag and you can also wear them as a scarf!

Sherpa-Lined Flannel Long Sleeve Top

Inspired by men’s flannel this is a quilted flannel lined with sherpa fabric to keep you extra warm and comfortable. Just like the plaid shirt but better - this active jacket has an oversized fit so you can layer up if you need or wear it with a simple white tee and use it as a light sweater.

Plaid Poncho Black, White, Yellow

Inspired by Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter fashion week and New York Fashion Week trends we have created this poncho in plaid featuring black, white and yellow colors. The great thing about this poncho is you don’t ever have to worry about what to wear because you’ll be throwing on this cute poncho over it anyways!

Plaid Poncho Red, Green, White

Flannel shirts are in style but this flannel poncho will turn any outfit into a chic outfit! Pair it with some leggings and your favorite boots and you will look like you just came out of a runway in a Fall/Winter 2020 show. This poncho is so roomy and dreamy it's almost like a blanket due to its soft material. You will look nice and feel super warm and cozy.

Plaid Poncho White, Navy, Red

If you want an effortlessly cute look this plaid poncho is right for you! Outerwear and everyday wear often go hand in hand, but even more so if this Plaid Poncho in white, navy and red is part of your wardrobe. This poncho reminds us of Rachel Green’s style; simple yet sophisticated.

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