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How to Customize T-Shirts for Your Family Reunion

How to Customize T-Shirts for Your Family Reunion

The holidays aren’t the only time of the year where families get together. Family reunions are another opportunity for relatives and loved ones to come together and celebrate. The problem is with most family reunion gatherings, not everyone knows who’s who!

Identify Your Extended Family with Personalized T-Shirts

The traditional family unit has become a thing of the past and extended and blended families have grown in large numbers. Incorporating every family member with a customized t-shirt is a clever way to create lasting memories while gifting everyone with a keepsake that will make this upcoming family reunion one to remember!

Tees2Ur door is a retail and online distributor of custom t-shirts of almost every kind—short, long, raglan, and pre-printed designs. We have been servicing high schools and corporate companies for years with customized t-shirts to fit their event. It doesn’t end there! We can provide personalized monogrammed t-shirts for almost any occasion.

Here are just a few shirts that we recommend for family reunion events:

  • Team Sport Tail T-Shirt
  • This Gildan cotton t-shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes for adults and children. With this t-shirt, you have the option of getting the family’s last name printed at the top of the graphic tail image and then print the words, “Family Reunion” or “2018”—or the respected year of the event beneath the graphic tail.

    These are just some suggestions. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your personalized t-shirt!

    Choose the color t-shirt as well as the color text. Get a glitter text for an additional $3.00!

  • Team Athletic Two Color Monogram
  • These t-shirts aren’t just for team sports! Utilize these short, long-sleeve and raglan tees as a family reunion shirt. Here, you have four design options to show your family pride. Each design is an enlarged monogram that covers the front of the tee. The inner and outer circle can be the color of your choice. The inner part of the circle is where the personalized monogram will go. It can be in print or script. The outer ring of the monogram offers two places where you can personalize it with a family name, year, title, or whatever kind of wording you’d like.

  • Game Day Jersey
  • This game-day t-shirt is probably the boldest way to show your family pride! Printed in bold letters on the upper back of the shirt, this roomy, long-sleeve tee is sure to be a favorite at the family reunion. With this t-shirt, you’ll have the option to print three monogrammed initials on the front that is inclusive in the original cost. For an additional fee, you’ll have up to two lines to print on the back. You’ll also have the option to choose the color and lettering of the shirt.

What You Need to Know about Customizing Tees

Keep in mind that there is a letter limit and the size of wording may have to be reduced if the text is too long. Tees2UrDoor has a large inventory of quality t-shirts in a variety of fabrics and colors. Aside from the aforementioned selections, you are more than welcomed to shop our entire online selection here. Be sure to check out our page of seasonal items and discount shirts that are updated often.

Shop online today, or contact us online. You can also call 877-245-0492 with any questions you might have.