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Lightweight Tie Dye Cotton Mask

  • Tie Dye Cotton Mask Product Image
  • Pink Tie Dye Cotton Mask
  • Turquoise Tie Dye Cotton Mask
  • Denim Tie Dye Cotton Mask
  • Red Tie Dye Cotton Mask
  • Green Tie Dye Cotton Mask
  • Purple Tie Dye Cotton Mask
  • Unicorn Tie Dye Cotton Mask
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Lightweight Tie Dye Cotton Mask

  • Three ply, 4 oz. 100% Cotton.
  • Available in pink, turquoise, denim, red, green, purple, and unicorn multi.
  • Available Sizes: One Size.
  • Non-medical use only. Fabric touching skin: 100% Cotton. May be used when FDA-cleared masks are unavailable. Not recommended for use in a surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected
  • Care Instructions: We recommend hand washing before first use. Hand wash warm. Lay flat to dry. *Recommend washing in a garment bag so straps do not get tangled or pulled.

Please note that color and tie-dye patterns may vary slightly since every piece is one of a kind and hand-made! 

These masks are the perfect accessory.  We have them to match every color in your wardrobe.  At™ we continually strive to bring you the lowest prices and best quality products available. A Tees2urdoor™ item shipped from our facility in Texas...Y'all.