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Monogrammed Jewelry

At Tees2UrDoor, we are very happy to offer monogrammed jewelry. This personalized gift will make any wearer happy because they will be able to own this style and display it to the world. Dazzle a person’s day, and their life, by showing how much you care with this perfect gift.

Why Do We Love Jewelry?

Jewelry, for lack of a better phrase, catches our eyes and make us revel in shiny, precious objects. Royalty would wear the expensive stones and metals that needed careful mining from the ground, to show how much they owned their kingdom and their status. Marie Antoinette may have started the French Revolution with a rumor about her jewels, and since then her pieces have been mostly dismantled and resold.

These days, we use jewelry to express our individuality. Simple safety pins for earrings may denote punk rock reverence, while turquoise dangling hoops may show a lighthearted personality. Other times, we wear rings for engagements and weddings, to treasure those beloved times. In any case, these objects have sentimental value to us, especially when we fondly remember the giver.

In some cultures, wearing jewelry is a rite of passage. It denotes when we want people to look at us, and treat us differently. Within Indian culture, piercing a baby’s ears has spiritual connotations. The piercing is supposed to open up a babies’ sense of hearing so that they can take in more of the world. In this way, we learn to grow up, mature and understand life better.

We also can make our profiles look better when we wear earrings, bracelets or necklaces. A simple sterling silver chain can contrast with a white summer dress, while gold bangles catch the morning sun and add music to our step. It’s no surprise, then, that there are many choices of jewelry when a person is seeking a gift for a loved one. How does one find that piece that screams happily of individuality?

The Benefits of Monogrammed Jewelry

Monograms are personalized images that usually consist of two to three letters that are assembled into a pleasing aesthetic. At Tees2UrDoor, we offer various monogram styles for clothing and jewelry. Choose the script style for when you want elegance and the circular style for when you want whimsy.

Monogrammed jewelry combines the best of bling with refined glamor. You can personalize a gift for a loved one, whether it’s a promise ring for a prom invitation or a necklace for a mother. Duchess Meghan Markle received a necklace that said “Mummy” as a baby shower gift.

Learn More From Tees2UrDoor

Tees2UrDoor loves customizing your items and clothing with monograms. We believe in making gifts special, with a sense of fun and elegance. That’s why we offer monogrammed jewelry, and we are always open to feedback.

Contact us today to learn more. Tell us what you think, or what you would like to wear. We’ll fill your coffers with personalized jewelry, and make your world sparkle. Every day needs a new bit of shine, and the right bling can pave the way.