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T2D Wrist Keychain

  • T2D Wrist Keychain
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T2D Wrist Keychain

Available in black, fashion stripe, and leopard.

This trendy keychain carries essentials such as your keys and ID Wallet comfortably around your wrist. The hook hardware is as functional as it is beautiful and super easy to use. No more messing up your manicure to spin keys around a cumbersome ring. This item will soon become your bestie as it makes it so you always have your essentials on hand (or wrist).  Perfect for the girl on the go and busy mom needing to be handsfree.

At we are the manufacturer. We continually strive to bring you the lowest prices and best quality products available.  A Tees2urdoor™ Original, designed & shipped from our facility in Texas...Y'all.