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Trendy T-Shirt Designs for Schools

Trendy T-Shirt Designs for Schools

Tees2UrDoor has been supplying high schools, elementary schools, middle schools with trendy t-shirt designs that come in pre-printed or customized options. All of our orders are completed in-house in Nederland, Texas. This means that there is no inflated cost to cover third-party expenses. You can take confidence in knowing that you’re getting quality shirts at reasonable prices.

Why Trendy Shirts are So Popular

One of the tried and true ways to bring together uniformity—especially in a school is create it! It doesn’t necessarily have to be with formal school uniforms. A simple t-shirt can do it by creating a unified front of the educational institution whether it’s for scholastic, collegiate, or sports-related purposes. A body of students who are wearing the same t-shirts brings together a sense of pride and togetherness that boasts school spirit. It also looks cool!

Here are some of our top-selling trendy t-shirts for that many schools prefer:

  • Love Your School Customized School Name and Grade
  • This grey Gildan t-shirt is a great way to show your patriotic pride while celebrating school spirit. This t-shirt can be customized to present the school grade as well as the school name. These kinds of tees are perfect for school trips. Students will be easily identified by their shirt and grade. The word “Love” is boldy printed on the front with the text sitting on top of a graphic sports tail. Below this is where you can place your grade number nestled between two red starts. These tees can also be worn just for fun!

  • School Spirit Team Shirt Pride ¾ Raglan
  • Available in seven different color selections, these customizable raglan t-shirts come in two-tone colors. The front and back of the t-shirt is white. The crew and ¾ raglan sleeve is where the color choice will show. The word, “PRIDE” is decoratively placed in bold print on front of the shirt in the same color as raglan sleeve. Above the word, “PRIDE” is where you can customize this shirt with the name of your school or mascot in script. You’ll have the option to have this printed in different colors and even in glitter!

  • Ready to Learn Locker Box for Boy & Girl
  • These adorable Ready to Learn Locker Boxes come in two selections: boy and girl. Both Locker Boxes come in a brown box with a decorative design of a school locker—something that might be kept as personal storage. Each of these boxes comes with a Ready to Learn black and white personalized raglan tee, school box, tablet sleeve and water bottle. The boy’s box gets a flying glider and the girl’s box gets a candy-shaped notepad. These make the perfect back-to-school gift whether the kids are returning from a summer or winter vacation!/p>

  • Spirit Monogram Locker Box
  • This Locker Box presents a more mature version of the Ready to Learn Locker Box. This one includes a personalized tee for a school or mascot name. The rest of the contents include a personalized initial monogram water cup with lid and straw, keychain, drawstring cinch bag, and a make-up/jewelry bag.

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