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6 Things About Custom Monogram Designs You May Not Have Known

Oct 14th 2016

Monogramming is the latest trend. If you were to walk onto a college campus right now, you could probably spot a few monogrammed totes or computer cases lying around or hanging on the shoulders of girls. Monogramming is also a popular design for household items, such as: towels, sheets, cups and bags. No matter how recent the trend seems, it’s actually been around for an extremely long time.

Monograms were first used in Ancient Greece and have been used by royalty and high society for centuries since. You can see monograms on early coins meant to mark the reign of a particular Roman or Greek ruler. Artists in the Middle Ages used monograms to claim their artwork. And they became especially popular in the Victorian Era when people started to use them to personalize their belongings.

Tees2UrDoor sells a number of items that can be personalized with a monogram. But first, we think we can surprise you with a few unknown facts about monogramming.

1. The Classic Monogram

If you’re not quite sure what a monogram is, you will probably recognize one once you see it. The Classic Monogram, which is generally called a monogram, is comprised of a person’s 3 initials: the first letter of his or her first, last and middle names. The last name initial is in the center of the design and is usually larger than the other two letters. Anyone can have the Classic Monogram, including: women, men, adults and children; however, women typically use the Classic Monogram design more than men. This is the type of monogram that Tees2UrDoor uses on the products that we offer with customized monogram options.

2. Initials in Order

Although the Classic Monogram is meant more for women than men, there is still a personalization option for men that would like to display their initials on belongings. The monogram design that men normally use is one in which their initials are in order from first to last name. All of the letters are generally the same size.

3. The Single Letter Monogram

What if a person doesn’t have three initials? Or what if a person’s initials spell out something odd or inappropriate? Sometimes people aren’t interested in displaying all of their initials. When that’s the case, the Single Letter Monogram is a great personalization option. With this design, one letter is displayed. It can be your first name initial, last name initial or, really, whatever letter you want!

4. The Married Monogram

The latest trend within the monogramming phenomenon is the Married Monogram. It is a design that combines a married couple’s initials. It includes the bride and groom’s first name initials along with the last name initial. Traditionally the groom’s name would come first; however, lately the bride’s initials are being used first. For example, if Jim Smith married Pam, their Married Monogram would be: P S J. And the “S” would be larger than the “P” and “J”.

5. Safety Precautions to Consider With Personalized Belongings

In the 1990s, it was popular for kids to have their names on everything. Entire first names would be exhibited on backpacks, shoes, coats and accessories. It’s a cool idea, but for young children it can be a safety hazard, especially if they are out walking alone without a parent or guardian. Monogramming can eliminate the risk of danger by not displaying a person’s entire name. However, a monogram can still show ownership. Therefore, we think that the monogram is a suitable substitute.

6. Monogrammed Items Make Great Gifts

Giving a friend or loved one a monogrammed gift is an amazing idea because you know that your gift will be unique and you can be sure that they will love it! Popular items that can be monogrammed and gifted include: jewelry, clothes, bags, towels, bed sheets and car decals.

Tees2UrDoor Can Meet All of Your Monogramming Needs Today

Ready to personalize your belongings? Tees2UrDoor supplies a number of clothing items, tumblers and accessories that are ready to be custom-made with your monogram. We offer a variety of font styles and colors. Check out our website today to view all of our monogramming options.