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4 Best Women's Pocket Tees

4 Best Women's Pocket Tees

May 13th 2021

Both long and short sleeve t-shirts are designed to be as comfortable and fun as possible. Graphic tees can now be worn in almost any kind of setting, and that's made them a widely attractive option for any modern woman who likes to dress in a laid-back fashion.

We often get requests at Tees2urdoor for shirts that combine the functionality of traditional t-shirts with the usefulness of pockets. Many of these are made from a slightly heavier sweatshirt fabric, but they feature the same shape you'd expect from a dedicated t-shirt. Regardless of what kind of fabric they're made from, pocket tees with designs like these are widely popular.

Pocket Shirts For Women

Good Vibes Yummy Pocket

1. Good Vibes Yummy Pocket

This T2D private label long sleeve shirt has a convenient pocket located on either side. The design should be perfect for anybody who wants to keep their hands warm when it gets a little cooler.

That being said, it's light enough that you won't feel like you're going to end up sweating in it. The fun and funky rainbow design and positive message should make it a great pick for a quick outing or even a slightly more formal luncheon.

2. Happy Yummy Pocket Lightweight Sweat

Rather than going for the beachy feel of the Good Vibes shirt, this has a more folksy look that features an arrow and flower design that hearkens back to the 1960s. The mixed cotton, polyester and spandex fabric comes in a rather unique turquoise color that's not too outlandish.

Such tones ensure you will be noticed. That makes it a well-rounded pick for any time that you want to showcase to the world just how happy you can be.

3. Simply Blessed Yummy Pocket Shirt

With banded sleeves and a banded waist section, this shirt isn't just Simply Blessed in its graphic print but also its fit. Since it comes in sizes from AS-4XL, you shouldn't find it hard to get a fit for the whole family. That's a great way to ensure that everyone has side pockets to slip their hands into.

This lightweight sweatshirt is a comfortable, affordable and trendy alternative to wearing another piece of clothing over your outermost layer. This is good news for anyone who lives in an area where the climate is constantly changing.

Natural Leopard Custom Monogram Pocket T-Shirt

4. Natural Leopard Custom Monogram Pocket T-Shirt

Monogram shirts are always fun, but this one doubles down on it by including your chosen letter in a neat leopard print and also by providing a five-point pocket on the left chest area. The plain black look and leopard print design makes it suitable for a wider array of occasions than most other pocket shirts.

You could dress it up with a jacket or wear it down to any casual event. In either case, people will always know who you are simply by taking a look at the fun design on your customized shirt. This is one of those pocket tees with designs that really turn heads.

Browse More Pocket Tees With Designs From Tees2urdoor

Tees2urdoor finds that good outfit choices and design changes can help you upgrade the classic tee. We have relaxed fits, and a focus on creating shirts that our customers love. You can go beyond the basic tee.

Our designers are always hard at work creating new shirts. You can contact us online to inquire about new designs or make any suggestions.