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Sandals make your feet happy! As the weather starts getting warmer and the summer comes to greet us, our wardrobe must change along with our footwear. At Tees2UrDoor, we are excited to introduce to you our new collections of sandals, so that you have something classy to match your summer sundresses with. Explore our trendy sandals below, warning: you might catch feelings!

Trendy Women’s Sandals

When sandals were out, people treated them like they were some kind of forgotten shoe that you only ever wore to the beach. Fortunately, those days are gone and the era of the trendy sandal is here. Modern fashion designers love sandals, and it’s now extremely likely that they’re never going to go out of style because of just how many fans they’ve attracted.

While you might know Tees2urdoor for all of our t-shirts, we’re putting together a collection of these remarkably versatile shoes so that we can help our friends get dressed up from head to toe.

Comfortable Trendy Sandals

The appearance of sandals and their great style has naturally helped their trend status to grow bigger than most fashion commentators used to think possible. That being said, you shouldn’t ever feel like you have to sacrifice comfort just to look great. Anybody who has had to shove a foot into a shoe that pinched the sides knows exactly why you don’t want to do that.

Comfort is the big issue when we commission a shoe. By making the ends generous, you can pair one of these with a summer sundress and not feel like you have to dread the whole time being in it.

On rainy days you could switch to trendy boots and then switch back over to your sandals when things dry out. For that matter, these sandals are comfortable enough that you’ll want to carry them with you and take off your fashionable sneakers whenever you get to your location and feel ready to switch.

Flat Mule Sandals

Since flat mule sandals are somewhere between casual and formal, they’re a great style accessory for nearly any occasion. A wide variety of women’s mules are now on the market, but the flat informal ones might ironically be the best for the widest types of outfits. You could pair them with nearly anything and wear them to almost any but the most serious of functions.

Pretty Summer Sandals

They’re especially attractive for anyone who is going to be spending the summer months in a warmer climate, so you might be interested in dressing them up a bit. Light shoes that aren’t too weighty could also be worn indoors, even in a relatively professional climate.

Pair them with something like a cardigan sweater for a softer look. You could even wear them with casual graphic tees for a fun and funky look that should meet the needs of even the most discerning member of the casual fashion-loving community.

Pair Your Slide Sandals With Tees2urdoor Outfits

Tees2urdoor is ready to help you refine your personal style. You can match comfort with cool fashion, and prepare for any type of weather.

Use our handy online contact form for more fun ways to wear trendy sandals. Whether you need to pair clothes with leather sandals, flip flops or flat mules, Tees2urdoor has selections that will make you look stylish.