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Sneakers are easy to pair and easy to wear with any outfit. At Tees2UrDoor, we are beyond happy to introduce to you our new collection of sneakers. Our sneakers are comfortable and stylish so that you can wear them on the go and easily look fabulous. As the summer comes along we find ourselves walking and doing more outdoor activities than ever before, which is why we have decided to create this sneaker collection for you. Discover our sneaker collection below!

Trendy Sneakers For Women

Coco Sneakers White Snake Skin with Leopard Star

With these star sneakers, no matter what room you come into, you will be the star of the show. The understated, minimalist design will allow you to combine these sneakers with virtually any outfit. We do recommend however to pair it with our Monogram Initial Pocket T-Shirt with the initial in cheetah print, this dynamic duo will have you looking flawless!

Magic Star Sneaker Grey

Our simplistic design will make these sneakers your ultimate go-to every time you’re on the run for some fun. Easily look laid-back and cool with our magic star sneaker in grey. Pair these with some jeans and one of our Graphic Tees and you’ll be ready to turn heads!

Sneakers For Teenage Girls

Coco Sneakers Brown Snake Skin

These snakeskin lace-up sneakers are this summer’s hottest fashion trend. The snakeskin design gives these star sneakers an edge, you’ll be taking a walk on the wild side no matter which way you step. The subtle pink scales add a nice contrast to the background when choosing an outfit, pick something pink to match with your sneakers.

Coco Sneakers Blush Leopard

These sneakers have leopard print along the sides and rose-colored blush tongue and laces for an awesome and daring contrast! If you’re the type that likes to mix and match then these Coco Sneakers were made just for you. Wear them to go to the movies, concert, to the park or to go hang out at your friend’s house, either way, you’ll be rocking them!

Step Up with Tees2UrDoor!

If you are looking for cool sneakers for girls, you’ve come to the right place. At Tees2urDoor, we are constantly striving to bring you the most fashionable trends through our collection. We are known for our 100% ring-spun cotton tees and as our company grows we are now proud to include fashionable footwear such as sneakers & sandals!

Whether you are looking for a t-shirt to personalize with your initials, or a groovy tee to wear with your family, you can count on Tees2UrDoor to supply you. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are anxiously waiting to assist you!