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Cardigans and Kimonos

Wherever you live, the weather can change at a moment’s notice. Clouds can cover the sun and turn a bright day into a rainy one before you can grab your umbrella. Or a chilly blast can rush through town and raise all the hairs on your neck. Some days you may wish you left your heavy-duty winter coat at home when the spring thaws a few weeks early and you can feel the jump in temperature. So does your skin.

We want to provide you with versatile clothing that you can wear in any weather, to adjust to sudden changes to the heat and humidity. Our cardigans are made for comfort and convenience, combining fun design with airy fabric. You will always look fantastic, come rain or shine, sleet or hail, and stay warm.

Lightweight Cardigans

Fun fact: cardigans were modeled after wool waistcoats worn by British army officers… look at us now on the other side of the pond. Designing cardigans with kooky leopard print designs! Nevertheless, cardigans have always served their purpose of keeping you warm when you least expect a chilly day or night. When you want to drum to a different beat, Tees2urdoor has the open-front cardigan for the job.

Our cardigans can be the perfect fashion statement for any outfit! We intentionally made them in a wide range of colors so you can wear it anywhere, at any time. Especially to support your favorite team by wearing bright team colors.

The Lightweight Slub Rose Pattern Cardigan combines lovely flowers without the thorns to make for a soothing collage. Choose either a white or black background, your contrast for a lightweight fabric. In the language of flowers, pink roses represent elegance, admiration, and friendship. You can convey to all your friends that you admire them and that you are showing off your sophistication in the world.

Modern Kimono Cardigans for Ladies

The kimonos we offer are different from the traditional Japanese ones. For one, traditional silk Japanese kimonos can retail for several thousand dollars, usually run at ankle-length and consist of multiple pieces to complete the outfit; our long cardigan sweaters consist of one piece, hit above the knee, and are currently on sale for under thirty dollars. We know that you want to look stylish on a reasonable budget, and our kimono cardigans can help with that.

In addition to our regular adult sizes, we also offer kimono cardigans in plus size, to accommodate different body types. The size ranges from 2XL to 5XL and can make you look comfortable. Your body is beautiful, and we want to let the world know that you look great.

Our new Mosaic Kimono combines florals rendered in gentle watercolor and printed geometry to make an intellectual yet whimsical look. The black and ivory tessellation makes the splashes of the orange, yellow and pink stand out, especially when paired with a rhythmic trim. When you want to add some spring to your step and flowers to your outfit, it will move with you and convey an aura of pure grace.

When you want to add nature textures to your outfit, our Leopard Kimono will make sure you get spotted, while keeping you warm. Wear with your favorite dress to the movies, or cover up at the beach; the big cat camouflage will help you blend in with any atmosphere. Loose sleeves allow for a comfortable fit, and the woven trim ensures that you and the fabric will breathe.

Perfect All Year Round

Sometimes it is not quite too cold to wear a sweater and not hot enough to wear only a tank top… and that is why Tees2urdoor has introduced the lightweight cardigan! It is perfect to wear all year round due to its simple yet stylish design and slub fabric for breathable comfort. Wear your new cardigan wherever you go or keep it in the car for those emergency chilly days you were just not prepared for at all.

When you wear your Tees2urdoor cardigan, wear it with pride because we want you to be so comfortable in it that you start catwalking the moment you receive it in the mail. Our cardigans are made with our customers in mind and the busy lives most of you live. Our production facility uses advanced machinery to make sure all of our products’ quality will be just as the first day you wear them even through wash after wash. The premium cotton fibers will be sure to keep you warm during the winter seasons and the oversized design of our cardigans allows you to wrap yourself around them if you are in need of a little extra warmth.

Complete Your Tees2urdoor Outfit

So, you have your proud basketball monogrammed t-shirt on and your basketball accessories but last game night you were freezing on the court? Complete your Tees2urdoor game day outfit with a lightweight cardigan that is sure to keep you warm and it’s easy to carry along with you to the games. All of our cardigans come in fun colors and designs to make sure you show your truest self. Some styles include:

  • Leopard stripes
  • Hot pink stripes
  • Solid leopard
  • Burgundy stripes

… and so many more. Be sure to order your regular size because we designed our cardigans to be ultra comfortable so we oversized it! Wrap yourself up on the soft fabric to enjoy any game day, movie night, or date night.

Never Feel Chilly Again With the Right Cardigan

We all want to feel as comfortable as possible when going to work, school, or even a concert but you can’t always tell the weather or how cold it will be indoors. That is why you need a trendy lightweight cardigan from Tees2urdoor. We are pride ourselves on providing our customers with t-shirts, pants, and cardigans that are in style and at affordable prices.

Contact us online today to place your order and start strutting your stylish self while wearing our lightweight cardigans.

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