Package Protection

What is Package Protection?

Package Protection is a form of buyer insurance that protects packages in case of theft, loss, or damage. It offers customers added peace of mind at checkout, knowing if things go wrong with the shipping carrier the contents are covered.

Why do I need Package Protection?

Although Package Protection is not required, it does offer a quicker process for Tees2urdoor to reship your package without having to wait on the carrier’s insurance process, which takes weeks and most of the time over a month.

Can I opt not to use Package Protection?

Yes, you will be given the option inside your cart to remove the coverage.  Keep in mind, if you decline coverage, your package will not be replaced if it is lost, stolen, or damaged until the carrier’s insurance claim is paid to Tees2urdoor.

What is the cost of Package Protection?

The flat rate fee is $1.25.

How is my package replaced if I have a problem with my order?

After the proper protocol for time and reporting is completed, Tees2urdoor will receive an approval to replace the package in question. At this time, the exact order that was lost, stolen, or damaged will be shipped back to you.

Can I request a refund on my order if my package is lost, stolen or damaged?

Yes. However, when refunding an order, it will only cover the subtotal of the order, not shipping fees, taxes, and package protection fees.

Is there a waiting period if my package says it has been delivered but it hasn't?

Yes, there is a 7-day waiting period to ensure the carrier did not place it somewhere unusual and you find it, your neighbor didn’t get it and has not given it to you yet, or the carrier has not scanned it as delivered but they haven’t delivered it yet. FedEx tracking has implemented a new Proof of Delivery system that attaches a picture of the package after delivery.

Are there any circumstances that are not covered by package protection?

Yes, please see the below outline for this information:

Invalid address or driver barriers - Sometimes the drivers cannot deliver the package due to an invalid address or other unexpected delivery barriers such as weather.  If there is a barrier that is beyond the customer’s control, typically they will return the following day or when the barrier is moved so they can redeliver.  Occasionally the package will be returned to the sender.  If the package is returned to us and it is no fault of the customer, we will contact you for an alternative delivery address to get your package out.  If it is returned to us because you provided an invalid address, you will be required to pay additional shipping charges. Package labeled Return to Sender If the customer refuses the package or if you have provided an invalid address

How are stolen packages handled?

If the correct address was given when the order was placed and the driver delivers it to the wrong address, this is considered a stolen package and we will replace the order.

How are damaged items handled?

You will be required to email photos of the damaged product to customerservice@tees2urdoor.comAfter an evaluation, of the damaged items, either a Return label will be provided to return damaged good(s), or we will advise to have you donate the damaged item.

When do I contact you about a claim?

For a missing package, we should be contacted no earlier than 7 days from the date the product was scanned as delivered and no later than 15 days. For a damaged item, please contact us on the date the damage is discovered, but no later than 7 days from the date of delivery.  Items that exceed 7 days from delivery will not be covered.

Expedited shipping hasn't arrived.

Carriers update their website with any delays due to weather or other barriers that cannot be prevented. If the package arrives outside of the expected window, package protection does not cover this, as these are estimated time frames for delivery.

What if I didn’t want coverage and was charged for it?

You are given the option to remove the coverage in your cart.  If the package has not been shipped, we will refund the premium.  If it has shipped, it is already being protected and the premium will not be refunded.