Autism Awareness

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Love Puzzle Autism T-Shirt

Love Puzzle Autism T-Shirt

Love Puzzle Autism T-Shirt Super Soft: This admiral blue tee is made of 100% cotton and is incredibly comfortable; a must-have tee for autism awareness Earth Day Shirt: Cute tee that features love printed with puzzle pieces; super cute and fashionable;...
Why Fit In Teacher T-Shirt Product

Why Fit In Teacher T-Shirt

Why Fit In Teacher T-Shirt Stand Out Teacher: This tee is made of 100% cotton and is incredibly comfortable; a must-have for your teacher wardrobe; printed on royal For Dr. Seuss Fans: Bright, colorful t-shirt for those teaching pre-school,...
Normal is Boring Product Image

Normal is Boring Autism Awareness T-Shirt

Normal Is Boring Autism T-Shirt Austism Acceptance: Show your students that they are unique and valued with this spectrum puzzle piece tee Celebrate difference and acceptance loud and proud with a t-shirt design that captures the eye and...
Puzzle Arches Autism Awareness Product Image

Puzzle Arches Autism Awareness T-Shirt

Puzzle Arches Autism Awareness T-Shirt Autism Awareness T-Shirt: The world needs all kinds of minds, including those on the spectrum Colorful Puzzle Arches: This tee is a 50/50 cotton-poly blend that is soft and comfortable with a welcoming...
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    Show your support for Autism Awareness by celebrating and uplifting those who are diagnosed with it. Personalize your t-shirt with an all-black short sleeve 100% preshrunk cotton Gildan with the colorful yellow, red, blue and purple symbolic puzzle graphics that are cleverly printed in the word, “puzzle”.

    Autism Awareness Shirts

    At Tees2UrDoor, we take pride in offering select autism awareness clothing & apparel pieces that can be worn by the whole family. These garments are ideal to wear during April or at any other time we want to let our friends and loved ones know that they are appreciated for who they are. The t-shirts below are perfect for school activities in which groups of students learn about ASD and spread the message of awareness. Some of these t-shirts can be customized with lettering so that they can be used at events.

    Normal is Boring

    When people realize they are on the spectrum, they may feel a bit different, but we should all recognize that this is what makes them special. With a succinct message, this t-shirt captures the essence of living with ASD. The colorful puzzle pieces of the graphic serve to remind us that life is a puzzle in and of itself. With light cotton fabric that has been pre-shrunk, you can order this t-shirt in sizes ranging from AS to 5XL.

    Different, Not Less

    One of our most affordable t-shirts conveys a message of acceptance. The graphic is a puzzle piece with a heart that celebrates equality, and the admiral blue color will easily combine with just about any other garment.

    Accept, Understand, Love

    This is one of our various stylish t-shirts made with a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton. The graphite grey color looks modern and sharp; moreover, the fabric blend provides a snug fit to highlight the torso. The heart-shaped puzzle graphic gives us the three steps we should apply in order to solve the puzzle known are living on the spectrum.

    Learn More About Personalized Autism Shirts

    As previously mentioned, there are lettering options you can choose to print on the back of the t-shirts in case you are organizing a special event or if you want to personalize a gift. Tees2UrDoor would love to hear from you if you have any questions.