4 Creative Ways To Repurpose Graphic Tees

Graphic tees often hold more meaning than other clothing items because they are more personal and easier to connect with. Graphic tees represent your personality, an important stage in your life, special occasions, mantras that once dictated how you viewed the world, and your passions with a print. It’s not easy to let go of your graphic shirts.

Here are four creative ways to repurpose your favorite graphic tees to give you a head start on spring cleaning your wardrobe to keep them in your life for longer.

Wear Them as a Tote Bag

Wear your graphic tees in a different way and transform them from clothing items to outfit accessories. Tote bags are chic and simple; they’re perfect for school, work, and grocery shopping. They are also easy to make!

Extend the life of your favorite graphic T-shirt designs by transforming them into tote bags with some basic sewing skills and a pair of scissors. From the nape of the neckline, trace a square around the printed design, leaving plenty of room and excess material at the base of the shirt. Pin the front and back of the tee together and cut out the square, giving you two body pieces for your bag. Cut two equal strap lengths with the excess material from the base of the shirt. Then, sew the pieces together and transform your graphic tee into a cute tote!

DIY Them Into Pillowcases

Pillowcases are another simple DIY transformation for your graphic tee. They allow you to continue showing off your favorite graphic print while embellishing your home with a personal touch.

Transforming your shirt into a pillowcase is similar to making a tote. However, it involves adding a zipper along one of the edges of the two square body fabrics—with the other three sewn shut—and stuffing some padding or inserting a small pillow in the middle.

Make a Memorabilia Quilt

Life flashes by in a flicker. Whether you are watching yourself or your kids grow, there’s no better way to warm your heart than looking back at blasts from the past. Graphic T-shirts help you celebrate influential moments in life, such as holiday celebrations, careers, or sports involvement.

Wearing baseball graphic tees shows off your skill and team pride. In the future, the shirts become memorabilia of your teammates, the games you won or lost, and more! Stitch together a bunch of your graphic tees into a quilt to create a fabric scrapbook of the different moments in your life.

Cut the Fabric Into Scraps

After preserving the graphic prints, make the most of what’s left of your shirt with a couple of snips. Cut fabric scraps for other DIYs and crafts. There are plenty of fabric scrap DIYs to explore, from rugs to dog toys. Let your graphic tees help you get creative.

Whether you are purging for spring cleaning or swapping old closet pieces for new ones, explore these four creative ways to repurpose graphic tees. They allow you to clear out your closet without letting go of sentimentality. Keep your favorite graphic designs in your life by transforming them.