4 Ways To Complete Your Graphic Tee Outfit

Graphic t-shirts are a fun addition to your wardrobe because they can be styled in so many ways. Plus, it’s easy to find a graphic t-shirt that suits your personality and interests. Whether you head to the thrift store, dig through your mom’s closet, or buy a brand-new top, check out these ways to complete your graphic tee outfit.


For a classic look that has been popular for decades, pair your graphic tee with your favorite pair of jeans. Straight-leg denim in a light wash looks great with a t-shirt. To complete your effortlessly cool look, consider adding a pair of leather booties or crisp white sneakers.

Since your graphic t-shirt does the talking, you can go easy on accessories. A simple pair of stud earrings or layered chain necklaces will look great with a casual ensemble. To create a defined waist, you may want to consider tucking your graphic tee into your jeans.


Another way to complete your graphic tee outfit is to add a blazer. A blazer paired with a t-shirt adds another layer of visual interest. Plus, a blazer and a tee are a bit of an unexpected combination, so you’ll look unique and stylish.

You can choose either a fitted or oversized blazer to add some structure to a slouchy tee. As mentioned before, you can add a pair of jeans and some booties or sneakers for the ultimate cool girl look. This type of outfit can seamlessly take you from a casual office setting straight to date night.


For warm weather, a graphic tee paired with a flowy skirt is a comfortable, effortless outfit. To make sure you don’t get lost in a lot of fabric, it’s best to tuck your shirt into your skirt. Not to mention, pairing a long-lined skirt with a grunge-style t-shirt allows you to express your femininity in an interesting, unexpected way.

The mix of girly meets edgy is ideal for a day spent running errands or strolling with friends in a park. If the temperature starts to dip later in the day, you can throw on a classic jean jacket to enhance your outfit.

Bike Shorts

If you want to feel like you’re essentially wearing elevated pajamas while you’re running around town, pair your graphic tee with bike shorts. To make this outfit look as cohesive as possible, ensure your t-shirt is oversized enough to cover your backside—you only want a small portion of your shorts to peek out from under your shirt.

With stretchy shorts and a loose top, you’ll be able to easily conquer your most important tasks. Plus, you’ll look cute and casual wherever the day takes you. Throw on a pair of sneakers to complete your off-duty athlete ensemble.

At Tees2UrDoor, we offer a wide variety of trendy apparel, including football graphic tees that are perfect for pairing with bike shorts or any other bottoms. Since there are so many fun ways to style a graphic t-shirt, check out our selection of tops to find the best options to add to your closet.