5 Accessories That Go Great With Graphic Tees

The clothing that we wear every day matters in so many ways, as it can be an expression of our mood, personality, and energy. Clothing is a way of communicating to the world without needing to say anything. That’s why this form of expression can be both freeing and overwhelming. If you incorporate graphic tees into your style, read on accessories that go great with graphic tees to help your style make a statement.

Leather Jacket

If the graphic tee you want to wear sports darker colors and a flashy design, then you might consider pairing it with a leather jacket. Leather adds an extra textural dynamic while drawing attention to your shirt’s design. Moreover, a leather jacket creates a laid-back look that many people love.


The best part about graphic tees is that they’re fun to wear all year round, but that can become a challenge in the colder months. Fortunately, a cardigan is an accessory that goes great with graphic tees. A tip is to match the color on your t-shirt with your cardigan, as it will make your outfit look cohesive.

Fun Earrings

Your graphic tees might sport fun sayings or silly pictures that would make the addition of some funky earrings the perfect choice. If this idea sounds ideal for you, but you don’t have a shirt in mind, then check out the many T-shirts we have available at Tees2urdoor.

We have teacher’s T-shirts you’ll love to wear or gift to a friend or coworker. The best part is they pair with fun earring designs that students and teachers will love, such as pencils, erasers, apples, and many other teacher-related accessories.

Colorful Skirt

What’s better than pairing a colorful graphic tee with an equally colorful skirt? Many people assume you can only wear pants with a graphic tee, but that’s not the case. After all, there are no rules in fashion and expression! Therefore, consider switching it up with a colorful skirt the next time you don your graphic tee.


You want everyone to see the design on your graphic tee, but brisk weather might make exposed arms uncomfortable. That’s why an undershirt is a perfect way to draw attention to your shirt and keep you warm. Plus, you can highlight colors with an undershirt. For example, if your graphic tee sports some flashes of red, you can emphasize that color with a red undershirt.