5 Benefits of Keeping Your Wardrobe Simple

Shopping is fun, especially when you’re getting new clothes for yourself. However, have you ever had a moment with your closet where you looked around and thought you spent so much energy and money shopping yet had nothing to wear? The problem stems from grabbing items you like at the store but not having enough things that coordinate well. One way to avoid this issue is to consider the many benefits of keeping a simple wardrobe. Let’s look at what those advantages are.

Reduced Stress

Stress reduction is always a welcome thing. Sadly, even for those who love clothing and fashion, getting dressed in the morning is dreadful. There are two areas where a minimal wardrobe can cut back on that stress: time and money.

Save Time

When you simplify your wardrobe, you don’t have to go shopping as often. When you do, it’s easier to be more specific about what you need. You don’t have to shop around to see what you like because part of simplifying is understanding what you prefer and sticking to it.

Save Money

As a society we spend lots of money on clothes. Sometimes, we buy clothes that we never wear. One of the greatest benefits of keeping your wardrobe simple is that you save money. Once all your clothing coordinates to create several outfits, you don’t need as much, and you can streamline your shopping.

Understanding Your Style

Do you have a particular style, or do you just wear whatever you can find? An amazing thing happens when you simplify your wardrobe. You discover your true style since you pair everything down to a minimum. It forces you to choose what you love the most.

Increased Confidence

Clothing affects your mood and confidence. You feel great when you know your outfit is nice. And just the opposite is true. When the clothing doesn’t feel right, neither do you.

When you create a simple wardrobe, you know that whatever you grab will go well together and suit your style, and that increases confidence as you walk out the door.

Traveling With Ease

Have you ever traveled with someone and wondered how they squeezed a week’s worth of clothing into a carry-on bag while you had a giant suitcase? They probably had a simplified wardrobe and chose only pieces that coordinated. Once you minimize your wardrobe, packing to travel is a cinch.

It’s Responsible

No matter how you look at it, using more with less is a responsible thing to do. If you have five shirts, five pairs of pants, and five sweaters that all easily go with each other, you can create several outfits with less waste, time, and money.

Also, the manufacturing and transportation of clothing is tough on the environment. The less you buy and throw away, the less of an impact your clothing habits have on the environment.

At Tees2urdoor, we want to help you with your wardrobe however we can. Simplifying is great, but remember that doesn’t mean a wardrobe won’t be fun. You can still throw in your favorite Halloween graphic tee and other seasonal favorites. We have the accessories to pull it all together as well. Check us out for all your fashion t-shirt needs.